Learning Plan Data- February 2016

To measure change due to implementation of Zones of Regulation, a number of classes have completed a pre-survey with their students.  Two classes not using the program also completed the survey as our control group.  A post-survey will be completed in early June.

Initial survey results (February 2016):

Grade 3 and 3/4


image (1).pngimage (3).pngimage (4).pngimage (6).pngimage (7).pngimage (8).png

Grade 4/5

image (9).pngimage (10).pngimage (11).pngimage (12).pngimage (13).pngimage (14).pngimage (15).png

Gr. 1  * Note- Rather than individual surveys, this was a group activity.

image (16).png

image (17).pngimage (18).pngimage (19).pngimage (20).pngimage (21).pngimage (22).png

Control Group A:  Grade 4/5

image (23).pngimage (24).pngimage (25).pngimage (26).pngimage (27).png

image (28).pngimage (29).png

Control Group B: Grade 1

image (30).pngimage (31).pngimage (32).pngimage (33).pngimage (34).pngimage (35).pngimage (36).png