June 23, 2020


principal picDear Pacific Heights Families,

Preparing to say a final farewell has been emotional. Pacific Heights has provided me the honour of meeting and working with a community that is kind and caring.

As I reflect, I am grateful for the teachers, parents, and students of this community as they have shown me much support and embraced every new adventure with enthusiasm. Some of these new ventures included playgrounds, adding more portables, a brand new beautiful 12- classroom addition.  We also had our share of tangles including traffic, the morning and after school pick up, power outages during the Christmas Concert Finale, and now ending the year with COVID-19. Each challenge brought us together and made us a stronger community.

I am proud to have worked with all of you to implement programs and events that benefited students. Together we implemented “Kindness Counts”, Maker Faire, Canada-thon, Family Math Night, Halloween Dances, and so much more. Each event was beyond successful and done with pride – our school pride is something that sets us apart and is to be inspired.

Thank you to the PAC and parents who have been a positive force.  Their commitment to making our school great is shown through the weekly hot lunches, numerous fundraisers, and most importantly – school spirit.  I have great respect for our parents and their consistent dedication to maintaining school spirit and a sense community. This is demonstrated through Winter Breakfast, Year End Barbeque, stepping in during Book Fairs (and even running them), the willingness to drive on field trips, and their happy nature during morning drop offs and after school pick-ups.

Most of all, I will miss the students so very much; it has been a great privilege to watch them grow over the years and develop strong relationships.  I have watched our students come into their own as they learned from their mistakes, learned how to pay it forward, and learned how to take ownership of their learning.

I love Pacific Heights.  Thank you for being a part of my journey – what an amazing chapter this has been with so many memories and experiences that will stay with me forever.  I will miss you all.


Ms. Chohan

2 thoughts on “June 23, 2020

  1. Ms Chohan

    I hope you are moving onto some new and exciting adventures, whoever’s going to be working with you will be lucky.

    You helped make the Brown brothers time at PHE a time of healing and incredible growth for both of them and we are forever grateful.

    All the best
    Melanie, Ryley & Gregory


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