June 8, 2020

Happy Retirement

annaWe were fortunate enough to have Ms. Crosland be our Teacher-Librarian for a year.  Ms. Crosland has accomplished so much in her successful career. She was Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing for 20 years.  She created (and the program is still running) an in-school program for deaf children at Bear Creek Elementary.  Ms. Crosland decided she needed a change and new challenge so decided to become a Teacher Librarian (TL).  In her 12 years as a TL, Ms. Crosland worked at Georges Vanier, Martha Currie, and Pacific Heights Elementary.

To say that Ms. Crosland is a trailblazer in the world of TL’s would be an understatement.  She presented to TL’s at both the district and provincial level. She transformed every library she worked in – her collections were diverse because it was important that “children can see themselves on the shelves”.  Ms. Crosland kept a close eye on her circulation and made sure it was quality reading, yet high interest.   Ms. Crosland did not use a book drop, she ensured when students entered the library she saw what they were returning and asked if they liked the book or not.  She took great pride in knowing what the students in the school were reading.

The students truly benefited from the instruction and programs Ms. Crosland brought to her library.  She has held book clubs for reluctant readers, where she was able to recruit entire classes, she did book give-aways at the end of the year so every child would go home with a “good” book that would be read. She gave it her all in every library she entered, and she left her libraries in tip top shape – places of reading, inquiry, and a place where we could be “makers”.  Innovation, diversity, inclusion, and kindness were felt on a daily basis in our library.  We wish you great adventures on your retirement!

Teacher Goodbyesgoodbye

There are three teachers who have been a part of the Pacific Heights community for a long time and are now onto new adventures. 

Mrs. McKelvey has been part of Pacific Heights since it first opened in 2006!  Ms. McKelvey has decided to TOC in the district.  We will miss her calm and steady manner.  She could be counted on to go above and beyond when pitching in.  She modelled kindness for staff and students.

We must also say goodbye to Mrs. Beare who has been at our school for 10 years.  We could always count on Ms.Beare’s spunky personality and her contributions during our theme days and various other committees.  Ms. Beare has gone out of her way to support staff and parents throughout her years at PH – her presence will be missed. Ms. Beare will be teaching at Adam’s Road in September.

We also say goodbye to another amazing teacher – Mrs. Fadum.  Ms. Fadum worked hard to build strong relationships with her students and our staff.  We are sad to see her go, but also happy that she will be Vice Principal at Fraser Wood Elementary. Congratulations, Mrs. Fadum!

We say farewell to Ms. Tillberg who has been our school counsellor for the past 6 years.  Ms. Tillberg has helped so many students in our school, and has helped teachers create more supportive classrooms.  She will be greatly missed. She is leaving to be counsellor at Douglas Elementary.

We must also say goodbye to teachers who have been with us for this school year.  With school boundaries changing and Edgewood Elementary opening in February 2021, we will be decreasing in divisions and next year we are projected to have 16 divisions.  So this means, we also say goodbye to an amazing group of teachers who were only able to be with us for a year.  These teachers contributed team spirit, positive energy, kindness, and excellent teaching. We wish the following teachers all the best at their new schools:

Mr. Litt (going to Rosemary Heights)
Ms. Pather (going to Goldstone Elementary)
Ms. Duncan (going to White Rock Elementary)
Ms. Dubrovskaya (going to Woodward Hill)
Ms. Polok (going to Douglas Elementary)
Ms. Kerslake (going to Coyote Creek Elementary)
Mr. Roth
Ms. Ames
Ms. Temple
Ms. Gardin