Return to In-Class Instruction

Dear Families,

Thank you for your patience as you have waited for our return to in-class instruction plan.  We hope that you and your family are safe and healthy during this time.  We have missed our students being at school and are looking forward to their return.

Remote learning will continue for all students until June 25th, however, schools will also be offering in-class learning, beginning on June 1st. In class learning is optional and the decision of each family.  We will continue to support students whether at home or as we welcome them back to school.  To assist us with our planning, your child’s classroom teacher will send you a survey today about whether or not your child(ren) is returning to in-class instruction.  Please complete the survey by Wednesday May 27th.

The model for instruction is guided by two key priorities:

  1. Schools will adhere to provincial and district health and safety protocols; and
  2. In their planning, schools will use the provincial protocols to limit gatherings, transitions of students and to support physical distancing.

We have composed an A/B class structure that considers composition factors such as: family/siblings on the same day, class composition, unique learning and support needs, etc. If your child is attending in-class learning, please send your child to school on his/her designated day as we cannot exceed the 50% density maximum for K-5 and 20% density maximum for grade 6/7 on any instructional day.

Monday: K-6 Group A and the children of Essential Service Workers (ESW)
Tuesday: K-6 Group B and the children of ESW
Wednesday: Deep Cleaning Day and the children of ESW
Thursday: K-7 Group A (no grade 6’s) and the children of ESW
Friday: K-7 Group B (no grade 6’s) and the children of ESW

*Our grade 5/6 and grade 6/7 class are considered community of learners; therefore we are not splitting these classes by grade level. Instead, the grade 5/6  class will be split into group A/B and will have the option of coming Monday and Thursday or Tuesday Friday.  The grade 6/7 class will be split into an A/B group and will attend Monday or Tuesday.

Ensuring Safety:

1.What is the District Safety Plan?  Click on safety plan  and go to

2. Following the Surrey School District health and safety plan, we must request all parents refrain from entering the classrooms or school, unless it is necesssary. So this means:

  • There is no dropping off lunches – please send your child to school with a recess snack and lunch.
  • Parents who typically walk their child to school and wait with him/her in the classroom lineup are asked to park their vehicles, walk their child to his/her classroom door and after they see their child has safely entered the class, the parent can leave.  Please read below about our soft start plan (no more waiting in line ups outside the classroom doors).


1. Bell Schedule and what will recess and lunch look like?

  • Our bell schedule will remain the same.
  • We will have indoor recess and lunch hours – students will be supervised at recess and at lunch (as they have been all year).  Teachers will follow our regular supervisions schedule at recess – to ensure students are physically distancing as they eat snacks and play.  At lunch the students will play in the class and our regular noon hour supervisors will supervise as they would on an indoor day.
  • Students can bring their own toys from home to play with during lunch.
  • So when do students go outside? Teachers will sign up for a spot to take their class outside (this may happen more than once a day – recess and lunch). We will create a schedule where teachers can sign up their class to play in a particular zone (gym, playground, or field).  On this schedule teachers will need to indicate number of students they have that day playing in this zone.  More than one class can sign up for a zone  – as long as the count does not go over 50.

3. Will we have a staggered start and end time of day?

  • Start and end time for the day will be the same (classes in session at 8:35 am, school ends at 2:27 pm)
  • We will have a soft start in the morning. Teachers will have their outside classroom doors open from 8:15 – 8:35 am.
  • Parents of primary students (K-3) will walk their children to class and leave. For those classes that are upstairs in the new wing, there are 5 different entrances on the main floor in which students can enter and head upstairs to their classes.
  • A soft start like this will allow students to come in and wash their hands and get settled. This will also support physical distancing before school.
  • After school: primary parents can come to the classroom door from 2:25 – 2:45 pm to pick up their child. Once the teacher sees the parent, the teacher will dismiss the child to the parent.  Intermediate students will be dismissed at 2:27 pm (no waiting for parent pick up at the door).

4. Will the school playground be open before and after school?

  • Playground equipment will not be available before and after school.  We will be opening our playgrounds for school use only (during school hours) from 8:35 am to 2:27 pm.

 If you have any questions or concerns, please call the school or email Ms. Chohan.


Ms. Chohan