April 13, 2020

downloadPrincipal’s Message

Dear Pacific Heights Families,

I hope you are all staying healthy and safe during this unprecedented time of social distancing due to Covid-19.  During these past two weeks I have most definitely missed the students of Pacific Heights. I have been able to connect with some of you over the phone or email – and it has been good to hear that you are staying healthy and safe.  As many of you know, I have two children at home, so I do understand both the joys and challenges of being your child’s teacher.  I also feel like I am doing a lot more cooking and baking!

Our teachers and support staff (EA’s, ABA’s, CCW) have been working hard to implement a distance/online learning program that is responsive to the needs of our students. Depending on the grade level our classroom teachers are using either Office 365 (Teams, FlipGrid), email, phone calls, websites, and filmed lessons  – all to connect and teach our learners.  There is no “one size fits all” approach. Our goal is to work together with students and their families to support learning and overall well-being.

A learning principle that is always at the forefront of our minds is we know children learn in different ways in different rates.  What this means is some children will work through the learning activities quickly and can take advantage of extensions provided by teachers, while other  children are going to require some support.  This support is available to you – please contact your child’s teacher if your child requires more support.

The Ministry of Educations guidelines for elementary school are to focus on literacy and numeracy.  Our teachers are doing this along with providing students with extra projects and learning (STEM, Science, Art, music) if that is what the students need.  You can expect teachers to be providing feedback to students and families regarding the work students are handing in for assessment.  You can also expect teachers to contact students to see how they are doing with their learning and activities assigned.  It is very important that parents/guardians and students ask questions and communicate their concerns regarding the learning to their classroom teacher.  We are in this together – your feedback is appreciated.

– There will be a final reporting period with a CSL report
– Teachers will be assigning learning activities and providing feedback

– For those families who require a device, please contact your child’s teacher so arrangements regarding pick up can be made.


Ms. Chohan

South Surrey Consultation 2019 - Current BoundariesBoundary Changes

Prior to Spring Break notices were sent home informing families who will become part of the Edgewood or Douglas Elementary community in the coming school year.  Last week, we contacted families who had not received the notice either because their children were not at school or the family had a recent address change.

If you have questions regarding which catchment your are in – please call the school and we can verify for you.

There will be information coming soon about an online Parent Information Presentation. The online presentation will have information regarding Edgewood and  Douglas Elementary, and the transition for next fall.  We will also provide an overview  of some of the work happening this spring and next fall to get ready for the school.

Click here for the Edgewood Elementary School blog and click here for the Douglas Elementary School blog.  Both blogs include an area to ask questions.  In order to help us plan for the evening, we ask that you please forward any questions you may have so we can include answers to these questions in our presentation, or do our best to answer these questions during the evening.

More details regarding the catchment boundary options, public consultation, and the Report to the Board of Education can be found at bit.ly/sd36consultations.

heartStaying Connected as a Community

With all of us social distancing in our homes – we need to find creative ways to stay connected.  Ways to keep each other inspired and positive.  So we have a fun challenge for the month of April:  how you are paying it forward at home?  What action are you taking that is being helpful to your family and/or neighborhood without expecting anything in return? You are doing a good deed for the sake of being helpful.  For example, Kiera and Kaelyn Chong created a positive chalk art message on their sidewalk (as seen in picture above).

Please email your picture or video to Ms. Chohan: chohan_s@surreyschools.ca

Your good deed will be highlighted in our school IG account.

In the month of May we will be posting videos of our talented students.  May was when we were going to hold our annual Variety Show where we showcase the talents our students have (telling jokes, singing, playing instruments, dancing, etc.).  We will now be highlighting these talents on either our school blog or IG account.  So, start practising your talent and film it for our May showcase on IG!


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