Important Boundary Consultation Update


February 13, 2020

Dear Parents or Guardians,


Important Boundary Consultation Update


The South Surrey-White Rock area of the school district continues to experience rapid growth predominantly due to new building developments and Neighbourhood Concept Plan (NCP) approvals.

As such, the district has worked with the Ministry of Education to secure two new elementary schools that are under construction (Site 180, 17325 2nd Ave., and Site 206, 16666 23rd Ave.), and an additional elementary school (Site 207, 1960 164A St.) is expected to have Ministry approval soon.

To prepare for the opening of the new schools, new catchment boundaries need to be established for the region and include the existing catchments of East Kensington, Hall’s Prairie, Morgan, Pacific Heights, Rosemary Heights and Sunnyside Elementary schools.

The district’s Programming and Facilities Planning Committee (PFP) reviewed and refined five boundary and program location options and presented the options during a community engagement process in the fall of 2019. More than 150 parents, students and staff participated in this consultation. Thank you to all those who came out to the public forums, completed the survey, sent emails to the District and shared their opinions. We appreciate your feedback which has helped shape our direction.

To manage anticipated growth across the region, consideration must be given to capitalizing on the existing and projected space to balance enrolment primarily on the east side of Highway 99. The options considered the magnitude of the growth and overcrowding in the region. During the consultation process, there were many opposing community desires that were identified in the community forums, online surveys and emails. Staff considered community feedback, and, will be implementing the following changes:

Effective January 2021 (or upon inception of instruction of Site 180):

  • Existing Hall’s Prairie students will move to Site 180 in January 2021 or earlier, if construction timelines are advanced. Students that currently attend Hall’s Prairie that are out of catchment will have the option of continuing to Site 180 or returning to their neighbourhood catchment schools.
  • The Montessori Program, currently at Sunnyside Elementary will move to Site 180 in January 2021 or earlier, if construction timelines are advanced. Students in the Montessori program that are out of catchment will have the option of continuing to Site 180 or returning to their neighbourhood catchment schools. Only students in the Montessori program that are also residents in the newly defined Sunnyside catchment area will have the option of remaining at Sunnyside.
  • East Kensington will continue to host the environmental theme-based EKOLogy program and will expand, starting with grade 5 next year.
  • Students who reside in the current East Kensington catchment will be redistributed to Pacific Heights, Site 206 or Site 180 dependent on address. The catchment for the EKOLogy program will be district-wide.
  • Hall’s Prairie will continue to host education programing, and staff will work with the Board to determine optimal programming supporting the district and community.

Effective September 2021 (or upon inception of instruction of Site 206):

  • A phased transition will occur for boundary realignments for Rosemary Heights, Morgan and the northern portion of Sunnyside and will impact all new students residing in these areas, effective September 2021.


  • All students currently in the Pacific Heights and Sunnyside catchment that are captured in the new Site 206 catchment will report to their new school. This will be an immediate move for all students K – 7 (if September 2021) or K – 6 (if Spring 2021).

The Surrey Board of Education received staff’s report at the Public Board Meeting on Feb 12th and have had many opportunities for input and guidance as we have proceeded consistent with the Board’s direction for the district.

We wish to extend our thanks to the community and stakeholders for your input and participation in these consultations and we look forward to opening new schools and to supporting our programs in South Surrey/White Rock. We also look forward to continuing to plan for further expansion in Dart’s Hill and Redwood Heights in our long range planning.

More details regarding the catchment boundary options, public consultation, and the Report to the Board of Education can be found at

Click on the link below for the map of boundary changes:



Lynda Reeve
Assistant Superintendent of Schools

Surrey Schools – Superintendent’s Department 14033 92nd Avenue, Surrey, B.C. V3V 0B7 Tel: (604) 595-6308 Fax: (604) 595-6309

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