February 11, 2020

reminderImportant Dates

February 17                   Family Day Holiday (classes not in session)
February 18                    WE Bake for Change
February 19                    Canadathon Game Show
February 20                    Theme Day: Twin Day
February 21                   Pro D (classes not in session)
February 26                    Pink Shirt Day
March 5                           Reading Link Challenge (am)
March 9                           CSL reports to go home this week
March 9                           Variety Show Auditions
March 11                         Early Dismissal 1:27 pm Student Led Conferences
March 12                          Theme Day (TBD)
March 13                          Last day of classes before Spring Break

South Surrey Consultation 2019 - Current BoundariesCatchment Boundary Consultations for the South Surrey White Rock Region

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback and participated in the catchment boundary consultations for Site 180, East Kensington, Hall’s Prairie, Morgan, Pacific Heights, Rosemary Heights, and Sunnyside.

We had approximately 150 people respond from the region and the district is ready to present the feedback and the final report to the board.  As such, the Catchment Boundary Report is on the agenda for the Surrey Board of Education Public Meeting on February 12th, 2020.   Following that meeting , information regarding catchment boundary decisions will be shared with the school community.


The Ministry of Education has circulated updated information in response to the coronavirus.  Please click here to read the public document from the Provincial Health officer.

downloadFostering Mathematics at Home

Last evening, many families enjoyed participating in our first ever, Pacific Heights Family Math evening. It was a wonderful to see so much enthusiasm for math.

We began in the gym, engaging in a couple Number Routines. A favourite is “Which One Doesn’t Belong?” Take a look at the images below with your child. Consider the question, “Which One Doesn’t Belong?” There is no one correct answer. Instead, listen to your child’s ability to reason and explain their thinking.

Beyond the games shared last evening, there are many ways parents can support their child(s) mathematical learning, as well as foster a positive disposition towards the subject. These could include:

Indoors you can:

  • Play cards, dice or board games.
  • Complete dot-to-dot puzzles
  • Complete puzzles
  • Use playdough to build and make shapes
  • Estimate quantities of items in your house
  • Bake and discuss the different measurements involved
  • Sort laundry together by matching pairs of socks and/or folding towels in halves.
  • Go on a treasure hunt. Draw a map. Use directional clues such as over, under, above, below, next to and beside.
  • Talk about patterns in songs
  • Visit the library and ask the librarian to point you towards some children’s literature that is math related

Outdoors, you can:

  • Play sports and discuss timing and positioning
  • Measure the distance you can kick a soccer ball, throw a baseball, toss a Frisbee.
  • Count how many times you can skip a rope.
  • Estimate how many steps to your neighbours house, the park, or the school.
  • Draw shapes on the sidewalk.
  • Run a lemonade stand.
  • Look for shapes in clouds.
  • Estimate how many scoops of sand, leaves, or rocks will fill a container.

Additionally, some great Numeracy Websites with resources include:
This site has many ideas to support and build positive math experiences outside of school.

This site is based out of Stanford Graduate School of Education. It provides several articles/podcasts for parents with suggestions on how to support Mathematical learning at home.

This website is called “Learning Partners – Let’s Do Math” and is full of games and activities to do at home within everyday activities.

Includes games such as Math Baseball. This site allows you to select a game by age level.

This website is written by a teacher and curriculum developer. He shares practical ways for families to engage in math talk with children.

chocolate-cupcakes-recipeWE Bake for Change

Every year our school supports a foundation called ME to WE. The WE foundation is a non-profit organization established in 1995 that is set to make places better in a variety of ways. They come together and tackle major problems in undeveloped countries, trying, bit by bit to make the world a better place. They focus on 5 different pillars which are water, food, health, opportunity and education. This year our leadership team is focussing on pillar of water to raise money for India.

Up to date our Student Leaders have participated in the following:
We Scare Hunger – to help our local food bank feed families in need
Sock Drive – to help keep the homeless warm during these cold months

Our next two fundraisers will be:
We Bake for Change – to raise awareness and money for water in undeveloped countries
WE Walk for Water – to raise money and awareness for water in undeveloped countries

On Tuesday, February 18th we will be selling cupcakes for $2.  All proceeds will go to the ME to WE foundation towards providing better water supply in India. Children in countries like India, cannot go to school because they need to fetch water for the family from a water source that is far from home (sometimes more than 10 km away) and most times the water source is contaminated.

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