January 19, 2020

don't forgetImportant Dates

January 20              Maker Faire Intermediate (making day)
January 21              Maker Faire viewing for parents 1:30-2:27
January 22                PAC meeting at 6 pm
January 23                Crazy Hat & Sock Day
January 27                Maker Faire Primary (making day)
January 28                Maker Faire Primary (viewing day)
February 3-7               Canadathon Testing Week
February 17                Family Day Holiday
February 19                Canadathon Game Show
February 20                Theme Day
February 21                Pro D
February 26                Pink Shirt Day

imagesWarm Socks and Happy Hearts

Our Grade 7 Leadership Team has decided to do a sock drive for the homeless in Surrey. You might be wondering, why socks?  Well people in a homeless shelter don’t usually have enough warm socks.  In these cold winter months, a person who does not have a warm shelter will very quickly have very cold feet.

Homelessness is a very large problem in Surrey.  In 2017 the Metro Vancouver homeless count identified 602 homeless individual in Surrey.  Of these, 399 were sheltered.  The percentage of homeless people in Surrey rises every year.  Why or how does homelessness happen – for a variety of reasons:

  • A single mom who loses a job
  • Facing the loss of a rental home to development pressures
  • A senior living on a limited pension after the loss of a spouce
  • A citizen who suffers a work accident and can no longer work
  • Chronic medical issues and disabilities limiting the work an individual can do
  • Brain injuries
  • Refugees fleeing violence
  • Addiction

Click here for more facts.

We will accept only new socks that are adult size.  Grey and white crew socks would be the best type and colour.  Our school goal is to collect 250 pairs of warm socks for the homeless shelter. Let’s pay it forward as we start 2020 – please donate.


Written by Kaelyn Bassi and Ms. Chohan

screen-shot-2013-02-22-at-14-29-35Maker Faire

One of the most fun and exciting events is our Maker Faire.  Maker Faire features innovation and experimentation across the spectrum of science, engineering, art, performance and craft.  All of these “makers” come to Maker Faire to show what they have made and share what they have learned. It’s a chance for students to show others an area they are really interested in. It can be anything from making robots, exploding volcanoes to doll dresses. If you can make it with your hands and it’s something original, then it fits in Maker Faire.

Intermediate Maker Faire – TOMORROW JANUARY 20
Monday, January 20:  students will be given the opportunity to create their project. Please ensure your child has the supplies he/she needs to build his/her project.
Tuesday, January 21: students will be displaying their work in the gym. Parent viewing will be from 1:30 – 2:27 pm.  Students will start cleaning up at 2:15 pm.

Primary Maker Faire
Monday, January 27: Students will be creating their projects. Please ensure your child has the supplies he/she needs to build his/her project.
Tuesday, January 28: Parent viewing from 1:30 – 2:27 pm. Please pick up your child from his/her classroom between 1:30 – 2:27 pm (use the outside door) to take him/her to the gym to view projects.


Every year we have our Canadathon fundraiser in the month of January.  Money raised goes towards classroom supplies such as books and field studies.  Students are given a study sheet that outlines the questions they are to “study” according to the grade the student is in.  Students collect pledges from parents and family members.  Once the Canadathon test is marked, the students collect the pledge money they are owed.  The intermediate students have more pop culture type of questions compared to the primary students.

Our Canadathon game show was a big success last year so we will be doing it again. A very fun addition has been added to the Canadathon – we will be having a game show with top scorers from the intermediate classes.

How do you become a contestant?
The top scorers from each intermediate class will be writing a final quiz (10-15 questions) in the week of February 10th.  There will be 6-8 teams with 4 players on each team – a student from each grade level from grades 4-7 will be on each team.  The game show format used will be Kahoot.  Ms. Chohan and Ms. Barker will work with the teams on how to study for the Canadathon test.

Who is in the audience?
Only intermediate students will be allowed to the watch game show as primary students will quickly become bored with the questions and they will not be able to read the questions on the screen.  The tickets to watch the game show are $2 each.  Students will purchase tickets from their classroom teacher in the week of February 10th.

The plan is that in each grade group one teacher will go to the Canadathon with the students who paid and the other teacher will stay in the classroom with the students who did not pay.

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