January 13, 2020

reminderUpcoming Events

January 13                  Kindergarten Registration for 2020/21 School year opens
January 15                  Family Math Night 6 – 7 pm
January 20                  Maker Faire Intermediate (making day)
January 21                  Maker Faire Intermediate (viewing day)
January 22                  PAC meeting at 6 pm
January 23                  Theme Day: Crazy Hat & Sock Day
January 27                  Maker Faire Primary (making day)
January 28                  Maker Faire Primary (viewing day)
February 3-7               Canadathon Testing Week
February 17                  Family Day Holiday
February 20                  Theme Day
February 21                  Pro D
February 26                  Pink Shirt Day

spotlightLearning Spotlight

This Learning Spotlight focuses on Ms.Song’s Grade 7 Social Studies. The class is constructing landscapes of Ancient Civilizations, each with unique terrain and dynamic biomes. Students are also required to write about the tools used for survival and to dig deeper to how their civilization succeeded. In this video, Damian and Theo will be interviewed about their project.

Pictured below is Gabe Margallo, Dante Ryan and Nishan Dhaliwal. They have made a landscape of Ancient Persia.



family math nightMath Night

It is with excitement that we share news about an upcoming MATH NIGHT that will be happening on January 15th from 6-7 pm

All families are invited to participate in an evening engaging in Math games together with your child.  We hope this night will provide you with knowledge about foundational mathematical concepts taught at your child’s grade level, as well as practical ways you can support your child’s math development at home.  Literacy and numeracy are the pillars of our revised curriculum.  Similar to nightly reading at home, there are many interactive ways you can work with your children to help develop mathematical understanding as well as a positive disposition toward the subject.

k regKindergarten Registration

Kindergarten registration opens January 13, 2020.  Children who turn five before January 1st, 2021 are eligible to begin school in September 2020.

In-person registration is required. The following documents are required at the school when registering:

  1. Proof of birth date for the student (birth certificate or passport).
  2. Proof of guardianship (as shown on child’s birth certificate, or other appropriate legal documentation such as landedimmigrant document or guardianship order).
  3. Proof of Citizenship for both the parent and student (Canadian Birth Certificate, Citizenship Card, Passport, LandedImmigrant Document, Permanent Resident Card, Enhanced Driver’s License or Enhanced Identification Card).
  4. Proof of residence (e.g., ordinarily resident) of parent/guardian in BC:
    a. Three pieces of identification showing the address of residence (purchase or rental agreement, utility bill, driver’s license, etc.)
    b. One of the three pieces above must be government issued in order to complete the registration process (BC driver’s license, BC Services Card, BCID or BC Care Card of parent/legal guardian).

downloadParking Lot Safety

With more students attending our school this year – we have noticed an increase in parking lot safety along with safety issues on 26th Avenue as parents are parking to drop of students.

If you are parking on 26th Avenue please be sure to follow bylaws as you find parking.  Please do not park in No Parking or No Stopping zones.  The City of Surrey Bylaw Department will be enforcing these rules be followed this month.

We have placed cones on the street to indicate the area you cannot park as it obstructs the crosswalk where students cross.  Student safety is our primary concern.  Please do not drop your children off in the street!  Park your car in a legitimate parking spot and then let your child out of the vehicle.

Our  roundabout is very congested during drop off and pick up times –  we all need to work together so students are SAFE.  Here are some simple guidelines to follow:

  • the roundabout is for single lane traffic only (there is no parking or idling in the roundabout)
  • Please stop and drop off your child on the outside of the roundabout, so your child gets out of the car safely onto the sidewalk (not onto the roundabout road where car
  • Pedestrians have the right of way
  • If you find the roundabout area stressful, please park your car down the street and walk your child to the school
  • drive slowly

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