December 10, 2019

Upcoming Events

December 13             Winter Breakfast  and Pajama Day
December 17              Early Dismissal 1:27 pm
December 18              Winter Concert 12:45 pm (parent audience – even divisions)
December 19              Winter Concert 12:45 pm (parent audience – odd divisions)
December 18              Theme Day: TBA
December 20              Last day of classes before Winter Break
January 6                    First day back after Winter Break
January 15                  Family Math Night 6 – 7 pm
January 20                  Maker Faire Intermediate (making day)
January 21                  Maker Faire Intermediate (viewing day)
January 27                  Maker Faire Primary (making day)
January 28                  Maker Faire Primary (viewing day)

Winter Pancake Breakfast

stack of delicious looking pancakesOur Winter Breakfast is a fun tradition.  Our breakfast is happening this week on Friday, December 13th. We love seeing students attend the breakfast with their families (parents, siblings, grandparents).  We encourage the whole family to wear their pajama’s.  Tomorrow is the final day to purchase tickets in advance for our Winter Pancake Breakfast. Due to fire safety regulations we need to follow, we are selling tickets to the breakfast.  If you do not purchase a ticket than you will not be able to attend the breakfast.

Please remember to purchase your tickets in the hot lunch section of the PAC website by tomorrow. We also have Santa in the building – he is more than happy to take a selfie with you and your family!

Remember that this day is also a theme day.  Students (and staff) are asked to dress comfortably in their cozy winter pajama’s on this day.

volleyballVolleyball Season

This year, Pacific Heights has 11 boys who came out to represent their school on the volleyball team. The boys showed dedication and cooperation throughout the season, improving their skills as they progressed with early morning and lunchtime practices. The team showed a competitive edge and strong sense of sportsmanship while playing against other schools in the area, losing only 5 sets the entire season. At the Play Day final tournament, the boys battled brilliantly, finishing near the top of their groups. Our season wrapped up with the two Pacific Heights teams battling each other for a third place finish. Congratulations on a great season boys! It was a pleasure to work with you this season.


Written by Mr. Litt & Ms. Polok

This year, we had 26 dedicated players on the Girls’ Volleyball team. Our girls demonstrated a positive attitude from the very beginning. Whether it was showing up to early morning practices, to leading our warm ups, to setting up and taking down the nets, they did it with a smile on their faces. We are so proud of the many skills they developed throughout the season. They played aggressively against the other schools while maintaining sportsmanship. Our girls were vocal in encouraging one another, often acknowledging each other during practices and games when good plays were made. 8 girls will represent Pacific Heights at their Celebration Play Day on Tuesday, December 10th. No matter what place they come in, we are extremely proud to have coached such an amazing group of girls this year!
Written by: Ms. Song & Ms. Champion

think-social-mediaSocial Media

It is school policy that students are not allowed to have devices out during non instructional time (recess and lunch). Students have been told they are not to film or take pictures unless it is for a classroom activity, FreshGrade, or a Student Leadership task. Recently we have had to deal with many social media issues at school.  In particular, students being unkind to one another on line.  We are doing our best to have our students understand that their digital footprint follows them.  For example, what you say on a group chat, personal chat, and live conversations can be photographed/screenshot and shared.

We recognize the challenges of parenting when it comes to supporting your child in staying safe on line.  Here is a great resources that details some of the most used social media apps and websites.

family math nightMath Night

It is with excitement that we share news about an upcoming MATH NIGHT that will be happening on January 15th from 6-7 pm

All families are invited to participate in an evening engaging in Math games together with your child.  We hope this night will provide you with knowledge about foundational mathematical concepts taught at your child’s grade level, as well as practical ways you can support your child’s math development at home.  Literacy and numeracy are the pillars of our revised curriculum.  Similar to nightly reading at home, there are many interactive ways you can work with your children to help develop mathematical understanding as well as a positive disposition toward the subject.

Keep an eye out for a notice that will be coming home. We would greatly appreciate it, if you could complete the form letting us know if you plan to attend and sending it back to us by Monday, December 16th.

Child Care in B.C. Survey

Child Care in B.C. Survey: Childcare BC invites parents to complete an anonymous survey about child care programs and services offered throughout the province. Please share the survey with the parent community in your schools before January 17.


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