November 19, 2019

reminderImportant Dates

November 21             Crazy Hair and Moustache Day
November 27             Deadline for Christmas Hamper Donations
December 13             Winter Breakfast and Pajama Day
December 17              Early Dismissal 1:27 pm
December 18              Winter Concert 12:45 pm (parent audience – even divisions)
December 19              Winter Concert 12:45 pm (parent audience – odd divisions)
December 18              Theme Day: TBA
December 20              Last day of classes before Winter Break

150Learning Spotlight

The students in Ms. Chamberlayne’s class have been busy making games out of cardboard. This activity was inspired by Caine’s Arcade.  There is much learning as students have been busy working – students are required to plan, design, and problem solve as they build. In building their games, the students put many math concepts (measurement, geometry, fractions, etc.) into use.  Please watch the video that Charlie Zhang made of Marilyn and Jacob, from division 9,  describing their project.

Student Leadership

We Scare Hunger

In the month of October our student leaders were busy counting canned goods our community donated to the Surrey Food Bank.  We collected 1200 food items!  Thank you to all the families who dropped off canned goods – what a great way to pay it forward.

pif-heartgrows-300x264Paying it Forward

As we head into the months of November and December we will continue to focus on paying it forward with more Kindness Counts initiatives. One initiative that we have participated in for years is supporting 2-3 families in the Newton area during Christmas.  Every year we have had parents donate money so our leadership students are able to go out and shop for gifts for the families we are supporting.  Once we know how much money has been donated we can determine how many families we can help.  We spend approximately $100 on each child in the family.  We ask the children we are shopping for to provide us with a list of wants (interests, likes, etc.) and needs (shoes, pajamas, socks, etc.).  From these lists our leadership students determine what they will buy.  The leadership students wrap the gifts themselves and we then have a staff member deliver the gifts to the school.  We are asking for parents in our community to donate money so we can continue to pay it forward this holiday season. Deadline for donations is Wednesday, November 27th.  If you would like to donate, please see Ms. Chohan at the school office. 

downloadBook Fair Breaks Records – Student Leaders Step Up!

Scholastic tells us that our Fall Book Fair was the highest grossing Fair in the history of Pacific Heights Elementary!  Library Book circulation continued as usual.  Our Student Leaders stepped up to the challenge.  They attended meetings, returned permission slips, learned about displays, customer service, so much monetary math and working as a team. We had two contests: Guess the Number of Pages and a draw for the Grand Prize.  Cash profits will be used to purchase new books for our collection.  Several piles of current Scholastic bonus titles will also be added.  Great work everyone.

To learn more about the learning happening in our Learning Commons please click here.

download.jpegLost And Found

Our lost and found team have collected many items such as jackets, hats, lunch boxes, water bottles, clothing, etc.  As our Lost and Found grows, we encourage students to have their items of clothing tagged with their name for easy returns. Our Lost and Found is cleaned out at the end of every month and anything that is not claimed and will be donated. Please check it for your child’s lost items on a regular basis.

original-2425298-1Communicating Student Learning

In the week of December 9th, 2019 students will bring home their CSL “reports”.  Some teachers in our school use FreshGrade, if your child’s teacher is using FreshGrade then you have already been invited into your child’s portfolio and have been able to see the progress.

We have early dismissal on December 17th at 1:27 pm for Parent Teacher Conferences.  Please call the office to set up an appointment with your child’s teacher to discuss your child’s progress.

Winter Concert

Winter ConcertOur Winter Concert  this year will be held two days so all parents are able to attend and so we are able to accommodate seating. On Wednesday, December 18th we will have parents of students in even numbered divisions to watch the concert.  On Thursday, December 19th, we will have parents of students in odd numbered divisions to watch the concert.  The concert time will be 12:45 pm start on both days.  It is the same concert on both days.  

If you have children in both odd or even numbered divisions – choose one day to attend. Remember, the reason we are doing this is so we can accommodate parent seating.

The Winter concert will have all of our music classes performing.  Please talk to your child about the performance his/her class is practising for the concert.