October 30, 2019


Dear Neighbour,

Re: Safe Schools Department
As you know, Halloween is approaching. We are writing to request whatever assistance you can provide to help us keep our schools and neighbourhood from being vandalized.

In the last school year, the Surrey School District took close to $275,443.34 out of its budget (our taxes) to repair acts of vandalism. This money could have supported our students in many different ways. The Surrey School Board remains focused on reducing this expense.

While we do our best to educate young people to convince them of the senselessness of vandalism, we are also looking for other ways to deter vandalism on our schools and in the area. One approach is to enlist our neighbours’ help to watch for anyone “hanging around” our schools, particularly after dark on Halloween.

For many years, the school district has organized patrols of district staff (including trustees) in which small groups take shifts of an hour or two to walk around the grounds of the school. This small effort does a great deal to deter youth from even approaching our schools.

Please help us out by keeping your eyes and ears open to any activity at our schools and don’t hesitate to notify us if you notice people milling about. If there is obvious, active vandalism taking place, please immediately notify police by calling 9-1-1. We also welcome your call to a special Surrey School District phone number set-up for Halloween at 778-776-9991 to report any suspicious activity so a security patrol can be dispatched.

School vandalism affects our entire neighbourhood. Defaced walls or damaged property can be seen by everyone. News reports about such activity generate a public perception about our neighbourhood. Vandals allowed to congregate at a school typically spread their activities to neighbouring homes and vehicles. Vandals frequently choose to return and congregate where they have not encountered any deterrents in the past.

Please join us as we demonstrate to vandals that they are not welcome at our schools, or in our neighbourhood!

Thank you for your help.

Rob Rai
Director, School & Community Connections Manager,

Jeff McMillan


Surrey Schools . . . Keeping Learners at the Centre

October 20, 2019

don't forgetUpcoming Events

October 21            Interims go home this week
October 25            Pro D (classes not in session)
October 28            Drop Everything And Read (D.E.A.R.)
October 31            Halloween Parade and Dance
November 1         Photo Re-takes
November 4-7      Scholastic Book Fair
November 7          Remembrance Day Assembly 10:30 am
November 8          Pro D (classes not in session)
November 11        Remembrance Day Holiday
November 13        PAC meeting 6 pm

spotlightLearning Spotlight: Student Vote Canada 2019

Young Canadians, including the students in Division 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 at Pacific Heights have spend the past several weeks learning about tomorrow’s national election. They were highly engaged in discussions about the future of our country, researching the party platforms, consuming news, evaluating the leaders, and posing questions to their local candidates.  Even though they are under the voting age, more than one million elementary and secondary students participated in Student Vote Canada 2019. Our Pacific Heights student vote occurred on Friday, October 18th. Each student was given the opportunity to vote for one of the official candidates running in the 2019 federal election in their particular area. Student Vote Canada 2019 is the largest student parallel election held in Canada, and as far as we know, it will be the biggest in the world. More than 9,500 schools registered to participate, representing all 338 ridings. The results of the student vote will be shared with the students on Tuesday. It will be very exciting to see the results of our future voters!


safety-awareness-clipart-1Parking Lot Safety

Parking Lot SafetyWith more students attending our school this year – we have noticed an increase in parking lot safety along with safety issues on 26th Avenue as parents are parking to drop of students.

If you are parking on 26th Avenue please be sure to follow bylaws as you find parking.  We have placed cones on the street to indicate the area you cannot park as it obstructs the crosswalk where students cross.  Student safety is our primary concern.  Please do not drop your children off in the street!  Park your car in a legitimate parking spot and then let your child out of the vehicle.

Our  roundabout is very congested during drop off and pick up times –  we all need to work together so students are SAFE.  Here are some simple guidelines to follow:

  • the roundabout is for single lane traffic only (there is no parking or idling in the roundabout)
  • Please stop and drop off your child on the outside of the roundabout, so your child gets out of the car safely onto the sidewalk (not onto the roundabout road where car
  • Pedestrians have the right of way
  • If you find the roundabout area stressful, please park your car down the street and walk your child to the school
  • drive slowly

downloadDrop Everything And Read (D.E.A.R.)

Drop Everything and Read,” a national celebration of reading designed to remind families to make reading a priority activity in their lives.  On Monday, October 28th all the students and staff at Pacific Heights will D.E.A.R. at a designated time.

Your child has been assigned to come home and read for homework since he/she has been in preschool. As a parent you want to do all you can to help your child learn and love to read.  Reading aloud to kids has clear cognitive benefits. For example, brain scans show that hearing stories strengthens the part of the brain associated with visual imagery, story comprehension, and word meaning. One study found that kindergarten children who were read to at least three times a week had a “significantly greater phonemic awareness than did children who were read to less often.”

Click here for an EXCELLENT blog post on some tips to help parents understand how best to use the nightly reading time at home.  Here is a great youtube video explaining how to read with your child.

downloadWe Scare Hunger

Hunger + Food Drive = Impact

The Student Leadership Team is collecting non-perishable food items for our local food bank.  Our last day for collection will be Monday, November 4th. Our goal is to collect at least 1500 food items do donate. Our leadership students have been exploring the issue about hunger.  Below is information we learned from the ME to WE website. “Thirteen percent of Canadians are in a state of food insecurity, which means they are unable to access a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food. Without enough food, many people feel the effects of short-term hunger, like headaches, nausea and the inability to concentrate.

Each month, over 850,000 Canadians require help from food banks—more than one third of these individuals are children and youth. People seeking food assistance come from all walks of life. Employment is no guarantee that someone will never struggle to provide enough food for their family. In fact, nearly one in six households that accessed a food bank in 2016 included someone who was employed.

People who access food banks come from all walks of life. Some people need support over longer periods, but most require help only occasionally or for a short period of time. Hunger leads to long-term health conditions, especially in young children, and is a barrier to academic success.

A food package may make the difference for a family trying to get back on their feet after a crisis. It can mean that a child doesn’t go to bed hungry, or doesn’t get sick and miss school due to an immune system compromised by lack of adequate nutrition.”



October 2, 2019

lightbulbImportant Events

October 7-11        Walk & Roll to School Week
October 11           Harvest Day
October 14           Thanksgiving Holiday
October 16           PAC meeting at 6 pm
October 21            Interims go home this week
October 25            Pro D (classes not in session)
October 31            Halloween Parade and Dance
November 1         Photo Re-takes
November 4-7      Scholastic Book Fair
November 7          Remembrance Day Assembly 10:30 am
November 8          Pro D (classes not in session)
November 11        Remembrance Day Holiday

harvest dayHarvest Day – October 11th

Harvest Day is a school tradition that is unique to our school.  On Harvest Day the students come to school dressed in “Harvest Wear” – plaid shirts, jeans, cowboy hats, boots, etc.  The students are encouraged to bring in their Veggie Creations (vegetables that come from the harvest).  All Veggie Creations are created at home with the help of family members.  On the morning of our Harvest Day celebration (Friday, October 11th) students are asked to bring in their Veggie Creations and place them on the tables in the common area in front of the gym.  Please take a look at the pictures below for inspiration.