August 28th, 2019

downloadPrincipal’s Message

We are eager and happy to be opening our  school doors one week from today for another fun year of learning.  We welcome both our returning and new families.

During this final week of summer, we will be continuing to work hard to get the school ready for the new school year. The summer has been a busy one with construction and new portables. We have three new portables on site – a total of 12 portables altogether. Construction is on schedule in the building of our addition.  Our addition will accomodate 12 classrooms and is scheduled to be completed by April 2020.

s0xQWGWu_400x400I am also excited to introduce our new vice principal, Jen Barker.  Ms. Barker is entering  her 22nd year in education. She has spent time in the Surrey School District as a numeracy helping teacher, as well as a faculty advisor at UBC.  When she is not teaching and learning, Ms. Barker enjoys spending time with her family and baking.

Both Ms. Barker and I are excited about this school year.  We look forward to sharing more happy moments with students.  Enjoy the remaining days of summer!


Ms. Chohan

don't forgetImportant Dates

September 3          First Day of School 10:00 – 11:00 am
September 4          First Full day of school 8:30 am – 2:27 pm
September 19          Meet the Teacher 6 – 7 pm
September 18          PAC meeting at 6 pm
September 20          Student Photo’s (individual)
September 27          Terry Fox Run 1 pm
September 30          Pro D – classes not in session
October 2                  Early dismissal 1:27 pm

kKindergarten – Gradual Entry

The first weeks in September are directed towards ensuring that each child experiences the positive orientation essential for school success.  In order to make your  Kindergarten child’s transition from home to school as smooth as possible, there will be abbreviated class times for the first week of school (calendar has been emailed to all parents).  Gradual entry allows for each child’s personal introduction to the new learning environment.  It provides the teacher with opportunities essential to establishing positive relationships with each child and family, and allows the teacher to establish class routines and procedures.

All registered kindergarten students have received an email indicating the colour group the child is in.  On September 3rd, students will enter the class that corresponds to his/her assigned colour grouping.  We have signs and teachers assisting you if you need any help finding the classroom.  Please note that these groups are temporary and permanent classes will be formed by September 13, 2019.

We look forward to a wonderful and successful Kindergarten year!

All-about-my-teacher-3-copy (1)Class Placements

The first week of school is a busy week as we are getting to know our students.  The students will be working in their grade groups, providing them the opportunity to work with different teachers and peers. These interactions will help teachers determine class placements and go over class/school routines.  We are thoughtful and deliberate as we review the educational and social emotional needs of each child as we make our class lists.  The most suitable placement your child based on the following criteria:

  • Student intellectual, social and emotional development
  • Learning styles and strengths of students
  • Degree of independence
  • Social compatibility
  • Gender balance
  • Maintaining appropriate teacher-student ratios

In the first week of school we are figuring out our class configurations as things change regarding enrolment numbers.  For this reason, we are unable to concretely answer which teacher is teaching which grade.  However, we can tell you that we currently have 23 divisions for September, and we can tell you which teachers are teaching primary classes  and which teachers are teaching intermediate classes:

Primary Teachers:
Ms. Andrews
Ms. Horvat
Ms. Tavares
Ms. Gill
Ms. Beare and Ms. Mckelvey
Ms. Rawlyns
Ms. Klassen
Ms. Duncan
Ms. Samra
Ms. Hall
Ms. Panda
Ms. Dubrovskaya
Ms. Polok
Ms. Beale

Intermediate Teachers:
Ms. Chamberlayne
Ms. Pather
Ms. Banbury
Ms. Champion
Ms. Barker
Mr. Litt
Mr. Henderson
Ms. Sandhu
Ms. Song

Teacher Librarian – Ms. Crosland
Music Teacher – Ms. Kerslake
Band Teacher – Ms. Hagen
Counsellor – Ms. Tillberg
IST – Ms. Bell and Ms. Temple
LST – Ms. Hart, Ms. Fadum, Ms. Dhaliwal
Child & Youth Care Worker – Ms. Belanger
French Teacher – Ms. Gardin

imageParking Lot

Due to our school growth the entire parking lot is needed for our staff.  We require  at least 50 parking lot stalls to accommodate our staff.  Parent parking is only available along 26th Avenue.  The roundabout will be used as it was last year – as a student drop off and pick up.

In the morning parents are welcome to drop students off in the roundabout. The drop-off area is for stopping to let the children out of the car only. The driver should never get out of the car. When pulling up at the drop-off area, drive as far ahead as possible to allow cars behind to pull up as well.

Our school parking lot is a busy place and so we ask that parents keep an open mind and consider alternative means for their child(ren) to get to school – walking in a group, carpooling, a different drop-off location.  Also, please slow down and ensure student safety comes first when driving on the streets near the school

EduPac and Student Agendas

suppliesIf you ordered school supplies through EduPac then your child will receive the supplies once classes have been set.  All supply lists are found on our school website.

All students in Grades 1-7 are expected to purchase a planner for $5.  The planner contains important information for parents.  The agendas will be distributed by classroom teachers next week.

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