June 10, 2019

Happy Retirement!

As many of you may already know, we have a couple of staff members who are happily retiring after very successful and fulfilling careers in teaching – Ms. Holmes, Ms. McIntyre, Ms. Powell, Ms. Ecclestone, and Ms. Gauthier.  All of these educators have been integral in creating the positive school culture at Pacific Heights.

IMG_2787Ms. Holmes has modelled kindness to all of us – never have I met such a kind soul.  You could always count on Ms. Holmes and her witty humour (best known for her puns) to lighten any situation.  Ms. Holmes taught our students much about sea critters and the importance of keeping our planet green.  One of the most challenging parts of teaching is getting students involved and excited for what they will learn about – Ms. Holmes never had this problem.  She would do the neat things in her class like dissecting a salmon or planting tomato seeds from Mars!

IMG_2507Ms. McIntyre and her team spirit attitude is what we appreciated most.  We will miss the flair she brought to our theme days.  She just knew how to get the students excited and would come to work with the best theme day costume of all!  We will miss the fantastic classroom plays she had her students put on – all the time and effort Grade 2’s spent making props, backdrops, and practising their lines.  The end product has always been amazing. We have so appreciated the sewing club that Ms. McIntyre started with Ms. Ecclestone.  Both these lovely ladies saw that some students were interested and voila – sewing club started!

IMG_0482Ms. Powell came to our school this September and we are sad to see her go.  In the short time she has been here, she worked her magic as a Teacher Librarian with great book recommendations ready for the readers that entered her library.  She built a sense of community in the library with the mosaic wall, and engaged students with activities like coding using Scratch Jr., and book tasting.  Teachers would ask Ms. Powell for a resource and end up with way more.  Ms. Powell shared her love of books and reading with us all.

lynda 2Ms. Ecclestone is a TTOC at our school but one would never know that as she volunteered countless hours with the primary students working on arts and crafts.  I am certain every student in this school has an art project in his/her home that was made with Ms. Ecclestone.  She has always been a part of our primary wing by the Kindergarten classes ready to lend a hand and help a student.  As if being a TTOC and volunteer art teacher was not enough, Ms. Ecclestone also decided she wanted to give our community more – so she led the sewing club with Ms. McIntyre!

IMG_2201Ms. Gauthier has been an Education Assistant at our school for over 6 years.  She has demonstrated such compassion with all the students she worked with.  Ms. Gauthier was always there in the classroom helping out with the social issues that students were having and helping them problem solve. She worked well with all our teachers and had an approach where she could look at any situation and try to think outside the box.

Thank you to these wonderful educators for the time and commitment they invested in our learners.  You have made a lasting impression on the world through the lives of the students you have taught. Thank you and happy retirement.


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