Learning Spotlight: For the Love of READING

don't forgetImportant Dates

April 25             PAC meeting at 6 pm in library
April 26             Fishy Friday
May 3                Pro D – classes not in session
May 6                Grade 4&5 Biking Workshop
May 9                Grade 4&5 Biking Workshop
May 10              We Walk for Water
May 13-15        Grade 6&7 go camping
May 13-31        Tennis lessons in the gym for all students
May 16             Theme Day: Crazy Hair Day
May 10              We Walk
May 20              Victoria Day Holiday – Classes not in session
May 23              Earthquake Drill (students dismissed from field)
May 27              Pro D – Classes not in session
May 30              District Track Meet at Bear Creek Park


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Reading takes on many forms at Pacific Heights. Students read with partners and in groups, they read to teachers and friends. Students may read books, poems or articles as part of their language arts learning alongside activities such as literature circles or guided reading. They may also read in conjunction with other curriculum studies including science, social studies or math.


Reading on a sunny day!

One important way students engage in reading from Kindergarten to Grade 7 is read-to-self (also known as quiet reading or sustained silent reading). For emergent readers this may involve reading the pictures or retelling a familiar story to yourself. Enjoying a book is not only a great way to pass time in a waiting room read-to-self is a literacy foundation and sets students up for success as lifelong learners  who are independently motivated.


Learning read-to-self takes practice and over time students build their reading stamina. Just as one trains for a physical challenge such as a marathon, children improve their ability to read to themselves by setting manageable goals. Someone training for a marathon might first ensure they can run 5km, then 10km and so on until they are able to run longer distances. Likewise, readers may begin with a goal of 5 minutes where they can stay focused and content with a book of their choice. Once this goal has been met and acknowledged a new goal of 7 minutes might be set. This way students build their stamina gradually and feel successful.


Reading with Friends on a Sunny Day

Ways to support children with their reading stamina

  • set aside time for read-to-self  where adults read as well – it is important for children to see teachers, parents, siblings etc. also reading for pleasure
  • set reasonable goals
  • celebrate success as readers build their stamina
  • encourage children to choose books that are a good fit for their interests and current reading strengths
  • vary the way reading is done and make it fun
Grade 6/7

Grade 6 & 7 Students Reading on the Spacenet!

In the video below grade 2 students are enjoying their read-to self time with the image of a campfire and ocean wave sounds.  On a rainy day this was the perfect way to make reading extra fun. There really are endless ways to enjoy a good book!

Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at 1.15.32 PM

Crosswalk Safety

Good afternoon,

crosswalkIt has been brought to our attention that there is no crossing guard on 168th Street and 26th Avenue.  We all have seen Bernie at the crosswalk each morning and after school ensuring our students cross the street safely.  Bernie is away sick and will be off for a bout a week or more.  The crossing guard is not employed by the school district- it is the Commonwealth Frontiersman who volunteer at school crosswalks such as ours.  Please talk to your children about crosswalk safety .  Even if the sign says it is safe to walk, children need to look both ways before crossing the street.  If you have any other questions or concerns, please call the school office.


Ms. Chohan