March 29, 2019

reminderImportant Dates

April 1               Schools open
April 2               Gr.6&7 parent mtg.@6pm re:Grandview Heights
April 4               Ruben’s Shoes Assembly 1 pm
April 5               Fishy Friday 2:27 pm
April 8               Pro D (classes not in session)
April 10             Talent Show for primary audience only 1 pm
April 11            Talent Show for parent and intermediate audience 1 pm
April 12            Class and Panorama pictures
April 12            Fishy Friday 2:27 pm
April 18            Jersey Day (school theme day)
April 18            Fishy Friday 2:27 pm
April 19            Good Friday Holiday (schools closed)
April 22            Easter Monday Holiday (schools closed)
April 26            Fishy Friday

Grade 6&7 Parent Meeting re: Grandview Heights Secondary Timeline

Dear Parents or Guardians of Grade 6 and 7 Students,

We would like to invite you to an important meeting on April 2nd at 6pm in the Pacific Heights gym.

As you are aware, your child will become a student of the new Grandview Heights Secondary School.  The school was originally scheduled to open in September 2020.  This timeline has been amended and is now scheduled to open in September 2021.  This will have implications for your children in their grade 8 or Grade 8 and Grade 9 year (for Grade 6 or Grade 7 students respectively).

Lynda Reeve, our Assistant Superintendent will be at the meeting to discuss the information in the agenda below:

1.   Introductions
2.   Review of the Grandview Heights Timeline and Anticipated Amendments
3.   Review of enrollment data
4.   Timetabling and Space Challenges at EMS
5.   Proposal to mitigate EMS challenges
6.   Important Dates
7.   Questions

Following the April 2nd meeting we will tentatively schedule a second meeting on April 9th to answer any questions and receive your feedback.


Ms. Chohan

Ruben’s Shoes

ruben-shoesFor the first two weeks of April, our school community is continuing to pay if forward by supporting Ruben’s Shoes.  In countries like the Dominican Republic, children are unable to go to school because they have no shoes to wear.  Adults in some of these countries have difficulty going to job interviews because they do not own a pair of shoes.  Please donate your gently used shoes to help families in need.

Each of our classrooms has a box for shoe collection.  Take a look through your closet and donate those shoes that your children have outgrown and shoes that you no longer wear.  Give your shoes a second life and someone in need a new beginning.

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