Important – Internet Safety

February 27, 2019

Dear Parent / Guardian

I want to ensure you are aware of an Internet-safety issue that has recently surfaced.

You may also soon see news media reports about something called the “Momo challenge”. The challenge invites users on social media platforms to message an account called “Momo”. The account may then send disturbing images and instructions for self-harm, as well as threats if the instructions aren’t followed. It also warns not to discuss the challenge with adults. The challenge may also involve messages hidden in seemingly child-friendly games and videos.

Parents should have a conversation with children about safe Internet use and the risks associated with any “challenges”. Below are links to a district brochure that may assist you.


Sundeep Chohan
Pacific Heights Elem.

Internet Safety brochure (English):

Internet Safety brochure (Punjabi)

February 25, 2019

0957ccc5583c861Construction Update

If you are dropping off or picking up tomorrow, please note that on 26th Avenue, there will be construction occurring on the north end of the sidewalk (where the site access point is).  The north end of the sidewalk will be dug up tomorrow between 9 am and 2 pm.  The work should take day or two to complete.  There will be fill put in place or a plate to cover the hole where students walk.  There will also be flag people around the site to ensure student safety.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call the office and speak to Ms. Chohan or Ms. Fadum.

Thank you.


February 19, 2019

reminderUpcoming Events

February 21          We Bake for Change – Cupcakes $2 each
February 21          Theme Day- Twin Day
February 22          Pro D – classes not in session
February 26          Basketball Play Day (boys) 12-4 pm in the gym
February 27          Pink Shirt Day – Assembly at 1 pm
February 28          Basketball Play Day (girls) 12-4 pm in the gym
March 6          Grade 6/7 Parent meeting re: Camp @ 6 pm in gym
March 7          Duffle Bag Theatre performance at 1:30 pm
March 11          Communicating Student Learning Reports go home this week
March 13          Early Dismissal at 1:27 pm for Student Led Conferences
March 14          Theme Day
March 15          Last Day of classes before Spring Break begins
April 1          Classes back in session

Student Leadership


Video produced by Li Hung (Div. 2 student)

Every year our school supports a foundation called ME to WE. The WE foundation is a non-profit organization established in 1995 that is set to make places better in a variety of ways. They come together and tackle major problems in undeveloped countries, trying, bit by bit to make the world a better place. They focus on 5 different pillars which are water, food, health, opportunity and education. They have a numerous amount of movements /charities that help make doing good doable. Many of these movements include We Walk for Water, a charity that helps raise money and awareness for water in undeveloped places, We Are Silent, a charity to raise awareness for those who go unheard and (amongst the others) We Scare Hunger, a food drive that sends unperishable foods to places with famine. In a nutshell WE make’s doing good doable. Our school participates in these movements and charities; donating and raising money whenever we can.

Our school has also focused on multiple different countries and pillars and this year is no exception. This school year we are focusing on tackling opportunity in India with the help of WE. The Grade 6/7 Student Leadership Team is focusing on a $250 farm bundle that goes to rural Indian villages and helps them generate money and food for their consumption, this bundle contains 3 goats and 15 farm animals that can produce milk and eggs. This helps give men and women in poverty the opportunity to start a small business or the opportunity to consume fresh food. This is our plan for this year. is the official WE website.

This year we plan to participate in the following

  • WE Scare Hunger, a food drive where we sent food to our local food bank two times already this year (October and December)
  • WE Walk for Water, a charity where we walk and raise money for water in places that need it.
  • Rueben’s Shoes, where we donate shoes for children to go to school.
  • WE Bake for Change, a bake sale that raises money for education and opportunity.

Written by Arman Nangia (Div. 1 student)


bballOur basketball season has only two more weeks to go.  The students have played exceptionally well and have continued to develop their basketball skills every week. We are all looking forward to the basketball play days on February 26th and 28th.

badmintonOur badminton season is starting soon!  We have a grade 5/6 team and a grade 7 team.  Thank you to Ms. Chamberlayne and Ms. Beale for coaching the grade 5/6 team and thank you to Ms. Song and Ms. Burrell for coaching the grade 7 team.

Grade 5/6 badminton team:

  • first practise is Tuesday, Feb. 26
  • practises are on Mondays 2:45 – 3:30
  • games on Tuesdays 3:00 – 4:00 pm

Grade 7 badminton team:

  • first practise is on Tuesday, Feb. 19
  • Tuesday and Wednesday practises 7:45 – 8:25 am **no Wednesday practise until March
  • games on Thursdays 3:00 – 4:00 pm

constructionConstruction Update

We are sure your children have been keeping all of you up to date with the types of construction trucks they are seeing on site.  The site has been dug up and there is a lot drilling!  In the next 6-8 weeks the sanitary foreman installation will be happing – it will take at least two months to complete the underground utility works.

This means there will be a trench/tunnel dug up along 26th Avenue.  It is important to note that work times will be between 9 and 2 pm.  This is to minimize disruption to drop-off and collection times.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call the school office.  Your input is important.

Grade 6/7 Camp Meeting for Parents

camp imadeneOur grade 6 and 7 students are going camping this year at Camp Imadene for three nights (May 13-15).  It is important all grade 6 and 7 parents attend the information session on March 6th at 6 pm in our school gym.  During this meeting we discuss the transportation, parent volunteers, student expectations, what students need to bring, the cost of the trip (expenses are broken down), and much more.  It is imperative that at least one parent attend with his/her grade 6/7 child.

After the camp meeting ends, we will ask that Grade 7 parents stay and we will go over the year end activities for Grade 7’s.  Please take a look at the agenda items listed below.  The year end celebration for our grade 7’s requires planning and volunteers.  We need grade 7 parents to attend this meeting so the planning can begin!


  • Year end field trip
  • Parent drivers
  • Costs- budget for events
  • Freezie Fridays
  • Yearbook costs
  • Legacy Gift Ideas
  • Donations- for year end celebration (photo booth, etc.)

imagesVisitor Sign In at the Office

Please be aware that all  visitors, including parents, must sign in at the office.  We understand that many times students forget lunches, supplies, water bottles, and so many other items.  We appreciate parents and family members who drive to the school to drop items off.  It is important that all visitors sign in at the office for the following reasons:

  • Instructional time cannot be interrupted.  If you are dropping off a lunch or other item for your child, you can let the clerks (Ms. Batista and Ms. Williams) at the office know.  The clerks, call the classroom and the student is sent down to the office to get his/her supplies.
  • For safety reasons, we must know of all adults in the building. Once the adult has checked in at the office, they receive a visitor badge.  Our clerks are aware of the adult in the building and the reason why the adult is in the building.

February 4, 2019

lightbulbUpcoming Events

February 5:  Book Fair opens after school
February 11: Interactive Fairytales performance 1:30 pm
February 11:  Last Day for Book Fair
February 13: PAC meeting 6 pm in the library
February 12-15: Zumba in the am (each class gets one Zumba session)
February 18:  Family Day Holiday (classes not in session)
February 21:  Theme Day: Twin Day
February 21:  We Bake for Change (cupcake sale) fundraiser
February 22: Pro D (classes not in session)
February 27: Pink Shirt Day

Principal’s Message

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As you may know, Mr. Loosemore has been away and will need to be away until the end of the school year. During his leave, Ms. Pather will be replacing Mr. Loosemore as your child’s teacher.

In addition, we have asked Mrs. Karen Fadum be the acting Vice Principal for our school.  Please join me in welcoming both Mrs. Fadum and Ms. Pather.

We want to make this transition smoothly so please feel free to reach out directly to me with any questions or concerns you may have.


Ms. Chohan

screen-shot-2013-02-22-at-14-29-35Primary Maker Faire

It was great to see all the parent volunteers this past week at our primary Maker Faire.  All volunteers came well equipped with glue, cardboard, and plenty of tape.  The students were so very proud of their creations.  We even had a rocket ship that worked!  Take a look at the videos and pictures below:


January is the month we do our Canadathon fundraiser.  Students are busy studying Canada facts and trivia and then collecting pledges from family.

We had our very first Canadathon Game Show.  We had 5 teams enter the competition and our goal was to have fun while we displayed our knowledge of Canadian trivia.   There was a lot of cheering and good humour as we played the game.  We even had an impromptu round with teachers!

The five teams who made it to the game show were:

The Canadian Geese: Anjili Jette, Griffin Sowden, Maximus Jeng, Taya Trapp-Brodie
The Red Maple Leafs: Evan Leith, Janica Li, Kiana Sahota, Regis Liang
The Canadian Maple Syrups: Connor MacLellan, Grady McDonnell, Seren Zhang, Adam Wilson
The Canadian Timbits: Connor Halewood, Zachary Bi, Hannah Bao, Alex Sowden
The Goldrushers: Serena Zhang, Alishah Khan, Richard Shen, Ajmer Ghuman


Winner of the first round was The Canadian Geese and winner of the second round was The Red Maple Leafs.

Please have all Canadathon pledge money into the classroom teacher by February 15th at the latest.  All money collected goes towards learning materials for students to use in the classroom (books, field trips, etc.).