January 25, 2019

reminderUpcoming Events

January 30:  Maker Faire Primary (making day)
January 31:  Maker Faire Primary (viewing day)
February 1:  Canadathon Game Show (intermediates only)
February 5:  Book Fair opens after school
February 11: Interactive Fairytales performance 1:30 pm
February 11:  Last Day for Book Fair
February 13: PAC meeting 6 pm in the library
February 12-15: Zumba in the am (each class gets one Zumba session)
February 18:  Family Day Holiday (classes not in session)
February 21:  Theme Day: Twin Day
February 21:  We Bake for Change (cupcake sale) fundraiser
February 22: Pro D (classes not in session)
February 27: Pink Shirt Day

Construction Update

img_5318As you have seen, the access road has been built along the backside of the school coming in from 26th avenue.  You can see in the picture the road goes over the sidewalk and is not accessible for strollers due to how rocky it is.  We are hoping to have a piece of plywood we can put over the the access road during drop off and pick up times by the end of the week.

We have had some questions around site workers and the protocol they are to follow working on a school site.  All site workers have had a criminal record check and therefore are allowed to work at our school site.  All construction workers have been instructed to not talk to any children and they are not to use washrooms in the building (the crew has their own porta potty).  We have instructed students to not talk to the site workers because we do not want to distract the workers from the job they are doing.  Please follow up with the students at home on this important rule.

img_5251With so much happening on school grounds, the students will be tempted and/or distracted – they will stop to watch the construction (can’t really blame them).  For this reason, students in portable classrooms are being sent to the washroom in pairs.  Also for those portables right by the construction site (Ms.Champion, Ms. Darby, Ms. Beale, Mr. Loosemore) the students are walking all the way around the portables and right by the roundabout… these students must go to the washroom in pairs.

Maker Faire

Our intermediate Maker Faire was a big success.  Our students made some great stuff that required problem solving and thinking outside the box. Watch the two videos below with students explaining what they made and how it works.  For more videos and pictures please visit our school Instagram account: pacific heights_learns



cCanadathon Game Show

We are having our first Canadathon Game Show!  The Canadathon is a fundraiser we do every year. Money raised goes towards classroom supplies such as books and field studies.

How do you become a contestant?
The top scorers from each intermediate class will be writing a final quiz (10-15 questions) on Monday so we can narrow down the contestants to a final 32.  There will be 8 teams with 4 players on each team – a student from each grade level from grades 4-7 will be on each team.  The game show format used will be Kahoot.  Ms. Chohan will work with the teams on how to study for the Canadathon test.

Who is in the audience?
Only intermediate students will be allowed to the watch game show as primary students will quickly become bored with the questions and they will not be able to read the questions on the screen.  The tickets to watch the game show are $2 each.  Students will purchase tickets from their classroom teacher on January 29, 30, 31.

The plan is that in each grade group one teacher will go to the Canadathon with the students who paid and the other teacher will stay in the classroom with the students who did not pay.

We will also be selling red liquorice to student on this day – four pieces of liquorice for a dollar.

If you have any questions please talk to Ms. Chohan.

bookfair2019-2_origScholastic Book Fair -“Dino-Mite-Stomp, Chomp and Read!”

Our book fair opens on February 5th after school.  It will be held in the gymnasium.  Schedule is as follows:

Feb. 5th: after school (primary and intermediate students)
Feb. 6th: lunch for intermediate students, after school for all students
Feb. 7th: lunch for primary students, after school for all students
Feb. 8th: lunch and after school for all students
Feb. 11th: after school only for all students

parking lot safety_0Parking Lot Safety

With rainy days ahead we must all practise proper school parking lot safety.  Our parking lot along with 26th avenue is incredibly busy during morning drop off and afternoon pick up time.  Ensuring no gets hurt is a primary concern of school staff, but it requires everyone’s participation, including parents.  If you click on the parking map below you will see there is available parking on 171 Street and 26th Avenue.

parking map

Safety Tips for Drop Off or Pick Up:

  • Stay in designated pick up areas – our roundabout and parent parking lot, and  Do not arrange to pick students up on side streets, staff parking lots, or other areas that may not be as safe.
  • Always pick students up at the nearest curb and do not encourage them to cross parking lots to reach the car.
  • When waiting for students to be released, pull all the way forward on the curb to allow other cars ample room and minimize driving around.
  • Do not dally or remain parked in the roundabout and parent parking lot.  Once students have been picked up – other parents are eager to pick up their children and moving quickly and efficiently can help keep the traffic flow more consistent.
  • Arrange carpools if possible to minimize traffic near the school.
  • If possible, avoid scheduling medical appointments or non-school activities immediately after school ends to minimize rushing.
  • Try to pick students up five or ten minutes later to avoid the worst traffic congestion.

Most important, please demonstrate KINDNESS.  Be patient, respectful, and courteous to other drivers while they pick their child(ren) up from school. Anger and frustration can lead to careless, unsafe behavior, and being a positive role model can help students learn safe procedures.

January 11, 2019

Important-datesDates to Remember:

January 13:  Canadathon begins!
January 15:  Grade 7 Parent Night at EMS
January 17:  Theme Day – Hat Day
January 18:  PAC meeting at 1 pm
January 23, 24: Maker Faire for intermediate students
January 30, 31: Maker Faire for primary students
February 4-8: Book Fair (in the gym)
February 11: Interactive Fairytales performance 1:30 pm
February 18:  Family Day Holiday (classes not in session)
February 21:  Theme Day: Twin Day
February 21:  We Bake for Change fundraiser
February 22: Pro D (classes not in session)
February 27: Pink Shirt Day


You will have noticed the orange fencing around trees on the school property.  This is   all done in preparation for the construction that is starting next week for our new 12 classroom addition.  The addition will be on the south side of the school (where the the intermediate basketball court).  There will be a road/path off of 26th avenue that will go along the backside of the school, where the grassy hill is, for the construction vehicles to access the site.  Starting next week, the play zones for students will change because the construction site is out of bounds (for obvious safety reasons).  Students will not be allowed to play along the backside of the school, and the other areas that are fenced off by the intermediate basketball court.

The morning and after school pick up and drop procedures for some of our primary classes (Ms. Tavares, Ms. Gill, Ms. Luck, Ms. McIntyre) will most likely be affected. Once the fencing goes up along the backside of the school (where the road is made), we will see how congested the area is during morning and after school pick up/drop off.  We will then communicate with parents if drop off/ pick up locations will change.

If you have any questions about construction or if you have any concerns, please call the office.  Your input is important.


Our students had a successful volleyball season with both the boys and the girls team  placing in FIRST place on the play days.  Thank you to our coaches: Mr. Unruh, Ms. Luck, Ms. Song, Ms. Champion, and Ms. Fadum.  We had a great celebration at the end of the volleyball season with the grade 7 students playing against the teachers.

Basketball Season:
Our basketball season is underway.  We have Ms. Champion along with a parent, Ms. Chong, coaching the girls team.   The coach for our boys team is Mr. Henderson.
Girls team practise Monday and Wednesday mornings 7:45 – 8:25 am.  Games are on Thursdays.
Boys team practise Tuesday and Thursday after school.  Games are on Wednesdays.


Every year we have our Canadathon fundraiser in the month of January.  Money raised goes towards classroom supplies such as books and field studies.  Students are given a study sheet that outlines the questions they are to “study” according to the grade the student is in.  Students collect pledges from parents and family members.  Once the Canadathon test is marked, the students collect the pledge money they are owed.  This year our intermediate students have a different set of questions.  We have included more pop culture in the intermediate Canadathon.

A very fun addition has been added to the Canadathon – we will be having a game show with top scorers from the intermediate classes.  More information answering these questions will be coming soon:
What do you need to score to become a contestant in the game show?
What game show format will be followed?
What questions will be asked in the game show?
What day will be the game show be on?
Who gets to watch?  Will there be tickets sold to watch the game show?

screen-shot-2013-02-22-at-14-29-35Maker Faire

One of the most fun and exciting events is our Maker Faire. Maker Faire is part science fair, part country fair and part something entirely new. Maker Faire features innovation and experimentation across the spectrum of science, engineering, art, performance and craft. Maker Faire is an all-ages gathering of tech enthusiasts, crafters, educators, tinkerers, hobbyists, engineers, science clubs, authors, artists, and students. All of these “makers” come to Maker Faire to show what they have made and share what they have learned. It’s a chance for students to show others an area they are really interested in. It can be anything from making robots, exploding volcanoes to doll dresses. If you can make it with your hands and it’s something original, then it fits in Maker Faire.

This year we are having two Maker Faire’s one for intermediate students and one for primary students.  We did this because of the size our school.  With 21 divisions, it is difficult to display and properly view all  projects in one day, and so we decided to have a Maker Faire for intermediate grades one week and primary grades the following week.

Intermediate Maker Faire
Wednesday, January 23:  students will be given the opportunity to create their project. Please ensure your child has the supplies he/she needs to build his/her project.
Thursday, January 24: students will be displaying their work in the gym. Parent viewing will be from 1:30 – 2:27 pm

Primary Maker Faire
Wednesday, January 30: Students will be creating their projects. Please ensure your child has the supplies he/she needs to build his/her project.
Thursday, January 31st: Parent viewing from 1:30 – 2:27 pm. Please pick up your child from his/her classroom between 1:30 – 2:27 pm (use the outside door) to take him/her to the gym to view projects.

sktyqas8Grade 7 Parent Night at EMS

When: January 15, 2019

Where: Earl Marriot Secondary School in the theatre

Who: Parents and students can attend

*After the presentation in the theatre there will be a school tour.

*Bring your child and your questions!