December 3, 2018

lightbulbImportant Dates:

December 7: PAC meeting at lunch regarding Winter Breakfast
December 7: Last day for Savings Card Fundraiser
December 9: CSL reports sent home this week
December 14: Winter Breakfast & Pajama Day
December 18: Early Dismissal @1:27 pm for Parent -Teacher Conferences
December 19&20:Winter Concert parent audience @12:45 pm
December 20: Theme Day (read below)
December 21: Last Day of classes before Winter Break
January 7: Schools open
January 13: Canadathon begins!
January 17: Theme Day – Hat Day
January 18: PAC meeting at 1 pm
January 23, 24: Maker Faire for intermediate students
January 30, 31: Maker Faire for primary students

Winter Pancake Breakfast

stack of delicious looking pancakesOur Winter Breakfast is a fun tradition.  We love seeing students attend the breakfast with their families (parents, siblings, grandparents).  We encourage the whole family to wear their pajama’s.  We have a Please purchase tickets in advance for our Winter Pancake Breakfast.  Due to fire safety regulations we need to follow, we are selling tickets to the breakfast.  If you do not purchase a ticket than you will not be able to attend the breakfast.

Please remember to purchase your tickets in the hot lunch section of the PAC website before Sunday, December 9th.  We also have Santa in the building – he is more than happy to take a selfie with you and your family!

Remember that this day is also a theme day.  Students (and staff) are asked to dress comfortably in their cozy winter pajama’s on this day.

learning-in-progress-logo1Communicating Student Learning

In the week of December 9th, 2018 students will bring home their CSL “reports”.  Some teachers in our school use FreshGrade, if your child’s teacher is using FreshGrade then you have already been invited into your child’s portfolio and have been able to see the progress.

We have early dismissal on December 18th at 1:27 pm for Parent Teacher Conferences.  Please call the office to set up an appointment with your child’s teacher.

fun learningLearning Spotlight: Marble Run in Div. 8

This week, Ms. Burrell’s class is working on their marble runs. Students were asked to make a marble track using materials gathered from home; for example, using items such as carboard, paper and string.

While we were interviewing some of the students during their work on the project, they shared with us what they felt was the most challenging aspect, what they had learned so far, and their favourite part of the process.


Ms. Burrell’s class, thank you for allowing us to come in the classroom and sharing with us the exciting project you have been working on. We wish all the students good luck on a successful marble run!

Written by: Kara Jahanshir and Katelyn Chang

Winter Concert

Winter ConcertOur Winter Concert  this year will be held two days so all parents are able to attend and so we are able to accommodate seating. The concert is the same on both days – if your child’s class attends music class with Mr. Leader then your child will be performing on both Wednesday and Thursday.   On Wednesday, December 19th we will have parents of students in odd numbered divisions to watch the concert.  On Thursday, December 20th, we will have parents of students in even numbered divisions to watch the concert.  The concert time will be 12:45 pm start on both days.

If you have children in both odd or even numbered divisions – choose one day to attend. Remember, the reason we are doing this is so we can accommodate parent seating.

The Winter concert will have all of our music classes performing.  Please talk to your child about the performance his/her class is practising for the concert.

fund-raiser-clipart-logo.gifPacific Heights Savings Card Fundraiser

Why Are We Fundraising?
We have a number of items that the school really needs this year, including:

  • Portable soccer nets so that the kids have more space to play during recess and lunch;
  • Approximately 30 Tables that will be used for events like the Maker Faire and the upcoming Winter Pancake Breakfast (we have been renting and/or borrowing these tables – this is not something that is feasible as our school continues to grow); and
  • 15 new laptops to both (a) keep our technology current, and also (b) ensure that we have enough laptops to provide access to technology for our growing student population.
The Pacific Heights Savings Cards fundraiser has officially launched — most students received their preorder sheets on Friday (or will be bringing them home on Monday).  The Savings Cards are our major fundraiser for the year.  These are discount cards for various retailers in South Surrey, White Rock and online.
We are selling the cards for $20 each (and we earn $10 per card!).
The idea of the cards is that people will easily get discounts to cover the cost of the card after only 1 or 2 uses, and will save a ton of money for the entire year since the cards can continue to be used for discounts over and over again.  In addition to the annual discounts, there are 19 break off coupons that offer fantastic discounts which can be used at Freshii, The Chopped Leaf, A&W, Boston Pizza, Wok Box, Papa John’s, Localz on Main, Fatburger, Primo’s, Jan’s on the Beach, Marble Slab, Dew Drop Inn, Warehouse One, and M&M Food Market.
Please hand in your preorder sheets and payments on or before December 7th – we have extended the deadline!   If you would like the extra preorder sheets, they are available at the office.
If you have any questions or need further information please contact Hayley at


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