November 13, 2018

lightbulbImportant Dates

November 19               Last day for Purdy’s orders
November 21               PAC meeting at 6 pm in Library
November 28                Boys Volleyball Team Play Day location TBD
November 29               Girls Volleyball Play Day at Pacific Heights
December 14               Winter Breakfast and Pajama Day
December 18               Early Dismissal for Parent-Teacher Conferences 1:27 pm
December 19               Winter Concert Parent Audience(parents of st. in odd divisions)
December 20              Winter Concert Parent Audience(parents of st. in even divisions)
December 21               Last Day of classes before Winter Break
January 7                   Schools open

crosswalksafety__05School Travel Planning Team

As many of you are aware, we are working with the City of Surrey School Travel Planning Team to find a solution in making our pick up and drop off zones safer for students.  The program aims to create a safe and comfortable environment for children to walk, bike, and roll to school .

The program involves working with staff from the City of Surrey and school district, school administration, parents, students and other interested members of the community. We want to hear from YOU! The information you provide will help us learn how students are currently travelling to and from school and some of the challenges students and care givers face. This information will help us create an action plan that considers the needs of all members of the school community.

Please click on this link and complete the survey on line.  Thank you.

Winter Concert

Winter ConcertOur Winter Concert  this year will be held two days so all parents are able to attend and so we are able to accommodate seating.  On Wednesday, December 19th we will have parents of students in odd numbered divisions to watch the concert.  On Thursday, December 20th, we will have parents of students in even numbered divisions to watch the concert.  The concert time will be 12:45 pm start on both days.

If you have children in both odd or even numbered divisions – choose one day to attend. Remember, the reason we are doing this is so we can accommodate parent seating.

The Winter concert will have all of our music classes performing.  Please talk to your child about the performance his/her class is practising for the concert.

Halloween Fun!

Take a look at some of our photos from our Halloween parade:





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