October 26, 2018

don't forgetUpcoming Events

October 31            Halloween Parade at 8:45 am
October 31            Halloween Dance for primary students at 10:30 am
November 5          Bohemia Ballet and Co. Performance in gym at 1 pm
November 8          Remembrance Day Assembly 10:30 am
November 9          Pro D – classes not in session
November 12        Schools closed – classes not in session
November 15        Theme Day (theme TBD)
November 19        School Assembly at 12:45 pm
November 19        Last Day for Purdy’s orders to be in
November 21       PAC meeting at 6 pm
November 29       Purdy’s delivery
December 10        CSL reports sent home this week
December 14        Winter Breakfast
December 14        Theme Day: Pajama Day
December 18        Winter Concert Rehearsal at 9 am (student only audience)
December 18        Early Dismissal at 1:27 pm
December 19        Winter Concert at 1 pm – parent audience of last names
December 20        Winter Concert at 1 pm – parent audience of last names
December 21        Last day of classes before Winter Break
January 7              Schools open


Halloween is only five sleeps away!  A reminder that students are encouraged to wear their costumes to school.  We have our costume parade in the morning and the seating in the gym is the same as it was during our Harvest Day Celebration.  A couple of guidelines as to follow as you decide on costumes:

  • costumes are not to be too scary as we have young students in the building (Kindergartens)
  • Absolutely no replica weapons allowed (knives, guns, axes,)
  • if your costume has a mask then the only time you can keep the mask on is during the Halloween parade and in your classroom.  For safety reasons, students are not allowed to wear masks in the hallway or outside (we need to be able to identify students)

We also have our Halloween Dance for primary students (Kindergarten to grade 3).  The dance is in the gym.  After recess the primary students come into the gym and we go over some guidelines with the students (dance, no running, etc.) – the dance ends at approximately 11:30 am.  Parents are more than welcome to come in and dance with their child(ren).

Gravity Cars

When you enter our school you will notice our gravity track in front of the music room.  Almost all of our classes will be busy building cars to race down this track.  The students will be building the fastest possible gravity-powered car.  Classes are using a variety of materials for the challenge.  Our intermediate classes are using wood, or bars of soap.  Some of our primary classes are using lego or recycled materials. There has been much learning around what will influence how fast the car travels – wheel size, diameter, shape of the car, materials used, etc. Click on the links here and here and here, for some fun ideas on how to build a gravity car.

Spotlight on Learning

Ms. Song’s class worked on an Egg Drop Stem Challenge.  The students created a contraption that had to hold an egg and survive the drop from two different heights.  Each group was provided with 50 straws, 3 m of masking tape, and scissors to cut.  The students came up with some interesting and creative design ideas.  Click on the videos below to watch the egg drops.


Intramurals – Handball

imagesHandball is sometimes called European Handball – it is an easy sport to learn and play.  Handball is a great team sport for learning and practising basic movement skills like throwing and passing.  The sport allows players to learn about offence and defence skill strategies.  The students in grades 4 and 5 signed up to participate in our handball season.  Teams have been made and a schedule has been posted by the gym door.  Students play every Wednesday during the lunch hour.  Thank you to Mr. Henderson and Ms. Banbury for organizing and supervising the games.



Volleyball season is also underway.  We have Mr. Unruh and Ms. Luck coaching the girls team. The coaches for the boys team are Ms. Champion, Ms. Fadum, and Ms. Song.

A BIG THANK YOU to our teachers who have volunteered in their spare time (before school, after school, and lunch hours) to coach our students.

Student Leadership

We Scare Hunger

wescarehungerThe Student Leadership Team is collecting non-perishable food items for our local food bank.  Our last day for collection will be Tuesday, November 2nd. Our goal is to collect at least 800 food items do donate. Our leadership students have been exploring the issue about hunger.  Below is information we learned from the Me to We website

“Thirteen percent of Canadians are in a state of food insecurity, which means they are unable to access a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food. Without enough food, many people feel the effects of short-term hunger, like headaches, nausea and the inability to concentrate.
Each month, over 850,000 Canadians require help from food banks—more than one third of these individuals are children and youth. People seeking food assistance come from all walks of life. Employment is no guarantee that someone will never struggle to provide enough food for their family. In fact, nearly one in six households that accessed a food bank in 2016 included someone who was employed.

People who access food banks come from all walks of life. Some people need support over longer periods, but most require help only occasionally or for a short period of time. Hunger leads to long-term health conditions, especially in young children, and is a barrier to academic success.

A food package may make the difference for a family trying to get back on their feet after a crisis. It can mean that a child doesn’t go to bed hungry, or doesn’t get sick and miss school due to an immune system compromised by lack of adequate nutrition.”

Walk and Roll Wednesdays

Walk-&-Roll-Table-banner-v2Every Wednesday we are encouraging students to walk or roll to school.  We are encouraging students to walk or bike to school.  We understand that some families do not live within walking distance of the school and for that we have a safe solution.  For those families who do not live close by we recommend parents park their vehicles 1-2 blocks away from the school (and away from the traffic) and walk the rest of the route.  It is a win-win for everyone:

  • parents save fuel
  • parents do not get caught up in the drop off traffic zone on 26th Avenue
  • walking and cycling to school builds regular physical activity into the daily routine
  • student collect house team points for walking or biking to school

Students who walk and roll to school will receive points for their house team.

Crosswalk Safety

crosswalksafety__05Morning drop off at school is a very busy time.  There have been major safety issues along 26th Avenue at the crosswalk in front of the school.  The British Columbia Motor Vehicle Act provides a variety of protections and rights to pedestrians, whether they are walking or standing alongside roads or crossing them at intersections. In general, vehicles must yield to pedestrians. Here are some of the issues we are facing:

  • Vehicles are driving too fast in a school zone.
  • Some vehicles do not pull over and park on the street to drop off, but instead stop their vehicle on 26th and have the child get out of the car.
  • Some vehicles do not yield to pedestrians!
  • Some vehicles are crossing the crosswalk when students have not even fully crossed the street.

We want our students to feel safe as they walk to school.  It is ok if your child is late for school because you couldn’t find a parking spot, or you got stuck in traffic, or if you just had a slower start to the morning.  We would rather your child be a couple of minutes late to class than your child be hurt by one or more of the behaviours listed above.

“Hiding in Plain Sight” Exhibition

Hiding in Plain Sight Event ImageFamilies are invited to experience Metis artisans and live entertainment at an event at the Museum of Surrey on October 28, 2018 from 1- 4pm.  Admission is free.  This exhibit explores the portrayal of Métis—some of whom are “hiding in plain sight”—in art and photographic collections and the accompanying descriptions. The event includes performances, vendors, children’s beading, bannock and tea, tanning, weaving and carving.

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