October 4, 2018

harvest dayHarvest Day Update

Tomorrow is our Harvest Day!  We are looking forward to seeing all our students (and staff) coming to school wearing their western/harvest wear.  I’m sure there will be a lot of plaid, cowboy hats and boots.

The event will start at 1 pm sharp.  So that means we start loading the gym after lunch.  The classes will be performing in the following order:

  • Div. 4 Presentation
  • The Funky Cowboy performed by students in Ms. Hall, Ms. McIntyre, Ms. Luck, Ms. Beare, Ms. Rawlyns, and Ms. Fadum’s class
  • Div. 4 Presentation
  • The Heel Toe Polka performed by students in Ms. Darby and Ms. Beale’s class
  • Div. 4 Presentation
  • Magic Trumpet Square Dance performed by students in Ms. Holmes and Ms. Champion’s class
  • Div. 4 Presentation
  • Mountain Music Square Dance performed by Ms. Song, Mr. Unruh and Mr. Loosemore’s class
  • Div. 4 Presentation
  • The Chicken Dance performed by the entire school

*students in division 4 are presenting (in groups of 5-6 students) information about Harvest Day in different countries from around the world.

audienceParent Seating

Since we have special seating for our Harvest Day, where classes sit around the periphery of the gym, there is no seating available for parents on the gym floor.  Parents are more than welcome to watch their child perform from the Multipurpose Room (which is also a school stage).  However the space cannot hold more than 30 adults comfortably.

We ask parents that after their child has finished performing, the parents wait outside in the hallway so other parents can enter to watch.  So for example, If your child is in Ms. Darby’s class, please wait until your child performs to be in the multipurpose room.  Once your child has finished performing please exit so there is room for parents to watch the next performance.

Other Notes

Parents, at the end of the day please take home the Veggie Creation(s) your child has made.  Also, students will be dismissed from their classrooms at the end of the day.


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