September 26, 2018

lightbulbDon’t Forget!

September 25            Scholastic Book Fair opens after school
September 25            Cross Country Meet at Crescent Park (after school)
September 28            Orange Shirt Day
October 1                   Last Day of Book Fair
October 2                   Cross Country Meet at Crescent Park (after school)
October 3                   Early Dismissal @ 1:27 pm
October 5                   Harvest Day

Scholastic-Book-FairScholastic Book Fair

Our book fair opens after school on Tuesday, September 25th and closes on Monday, October 1st.  The book fair will be open during lunch hours and after school. Only intermediate students can shop in the book fair during lunch hour.  After school the book fair is open to both intermediate and primary students.  There are two things to remember:
1. Students can only buy books for themselves or their younger siblings.
2. Entry into the book fair is from the outside library door.

Orange Shirt Day-Every Child Matters

orange_shirt_day2Orange Shirt day is on Friday Sept. 28th. Orange shirt day grew out of Phyllis’ story of having her shiny new orange shirt, bought by her grandmother, being taken away on her first day of school at St. Joseph Mission residential school.  This day has also become an opportunity to keep the discussion on all aspects of residential schools happening annually.

Residential Schools had a profound effect on the culture and language of aboriginal people across Canada, and forever changed the lives of thousands of aboriginal children.  As the terrible legacy of these schools has become public, the Canadian Government offered an apology to aboriginal people for the forced cultural assimilation embodied in the residential school system.

Orange Shirt Day is an opportunity for First Nations, local governments, schools and communities to come together in the spirit of reconciliation and hope for generations of children to come.

harvest dayHarvest Day

Harvest Day is a school tradition that is unique to our school.  On Harvest Day the students come to school dressed in “Harvest Wear” – plaid shirts, jeans, cowboy hats, boots, etc.  The students are encouraged to bring in their Veggie Creations (vegetables that come from the harvest.  All Veggie Creations are created at home with the help of family members.  On the morning of our Harvest Day celebration (Friday, October 5th) students are asked to bring in their Veggie Creations and place them on the tables in the common area in front of the gym.  Please take a look at the pictures below for inspiration.

In the afternoon students come into the gym to watch our Harvest Day performances (square dancing, line dancing, reciting poems, etc.)  This year with 21 divisions (over 451 students), we will have reached our crowd capacity in the gym with our students and staff.  We have a special seating for Harvest Day where our students sit around the periphery of the gym, so classes can perform in the centre of the floor. This seating leaves no room for parents. I understand in the past we have had parents join us for the celebration, this year we will not have room on the gym floor for parents.  If parents do join us to celebrate, they will have to sit in the Multipurpose Room and watch from the stage. Our music room stage is unable to hold more than 30 adults at the most.

Flossing Contest

Student, class, family, and teacher entries for the Flossing Contest are being accepted this week.  If you have an entry, please see Ms. Chohan during lunch hour.  Contest entries can be posted on Instagram as long as the student(s) in the video have handed in the media coverage forms with approval to post on school sites such as Instagram.

Contest Categories:giphy

Best Class Floss
Fastest Flosser
Most Creative Floss
Best Family Floss
Funniest Floss
Best Floss done by school staff

Contest Rules:

  1. You may enter the contest as an individual or group.
  2. In order to enter the contest you must have your consent form signed so we can post your flossing entry on our school Instagram account.
  3. If you are a group entry then all members of the group must have media consent forms signed.
  4. All entries will be posted on our IG account
  5. Have FUN!

Winners of each category will get a PIZZA PARTY.


2 thoughts on “September 26, 2018

  1. Hi there,

    I wanted to enter my son into the flossing contest under the creative category. (On Mars!) I wasn’t sure if I had to send it to you first to review it. So I have attached the video. His name is Liam Kerry (kindergarten Mrs Gill & Hjorth’s class).


    Erica Kerry

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