September 5th, 2018

Principal’s Message

Our school staff extends a warm welcome back to school to all of the students and families in our community.  I hope everyone had a great summer holiday and you all are ready to step into the learning routines these fall and winter months will bring. I’m looking forward to getting to know all of you.  If you are new to our school community please take minute to introduce yourself to me when I’m out on supervision in the morning and after school. This year promises to be full of great learning opportunities!


Ms. Chohan

Class Placements

kids learnThis week the students in grades 1 through to 7 have been placed in mixed groupings.  The students have the opportunity to get to know the teachers that will be teaching their grade level.  The mixed groupings also give teachers a chance to get to know all the students in their grade level and allows them to work collaboratively with each other to develop classes.  We should have students in their permanent classes by the end of the day on Friday or by the very beginning of the second week at the latest.

When students are placed in classes, the factors listed below are taken into consideration.  As each class situation is different, the factors are not in order of importance.

  • Student intellectual, social and emotional development
  • Learning styles and strengths of students
  • Degree of independence
  • Social compatibility- based on past experience, some students may not be placed in the same class as they experience difficulties together, while other students may be placed together because they work well together.
  • Gender balance- attempts are made to form classes with equal number of boys and girls
  • Behaviour – students requiring behavioural support are placed in classes that best meet their needs
  • Maintaining appropriate teacher-student ratios

I have had many parents email or come into the school to discuss their child’s placement for this school year.  If the requests are for educational reasons (listed above) we try to honour them if possible.

EduPac and Student Agendas

suppliesIf you ordered school supplies through EduPac then your child will receive the supplies once classes have been set.  All supply lists are found on our school website.

All students in Grades 1-7 are expected to purchase a planner for $2.  The planner contains important information for parents.  The agendas will be distributed by classroom teachers next week.

put-this-on-your-calendarImportant Dates

PAC meeting                                               September 17 at 6 pm
Terry Fox Run                                            September 18
Meet the Teacher                                       September 18 at 6 pm
Individual Photo Day                                September 21
Non-Instructional Day                              September 24
Book Fair starts (after school)                 September 25
Orange Shirt Day                                        September 28

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