May 14, 2018

Earthquake Drill This Thursday, May 17th

Questions and Answers:

  1.  If the parent/guardian is NOT listed on the Emergency Contact Card, but comes to pick up their child, will the child be released to the parent?  The answer is YES.  The individuals listed on your the Emergency Contact Card should be the adults who would  be able to come to the school and pick up your child.  If the legal guardian is not listed on the Emergency Contact Card but comes to pick up his/her child, the school will allow the parent to take their child because the parent is listed as the legal guardian on the official contact information at the office.
  2. I have not arranged to have anyone pick up my child for the Earthquake Drill as my child usually walks home by himself at the end of the day.  When will my child be allowed to go home if no one comes to pick him or her up?  At 2:45 pm, we will conclude our Earthquake Drill.  The students that are left on the field will go to their teachers (also on the field) and then head back to their classrooms.  Teachers will then follow the regular dismissal procedure they have all year.  So that means, the intermediate students will be dismissed from class and the primary students will follow the protocol teachers have set (K’s and 1’s are dismissed to an adult).
  3. Where do we go to pick up our child(ren) from the field?  You will line up in the teacher parking lot by Ms. Dhadda’s portable.  Please remember this is a practise drill and that will require patience.
  4. The drill starts at 1 pm but we are to pick up the students at 1:30 pm?  Yes that is correct.  This is because if this were a real drill, we would need time to get the students safely on the field before we released them to adults.  Moreover, it would take a minimum of 15-20 minutes for adults to get out of their homes safely and come to the school if there were a natural disaster like an earthquake.

RECAP: Earthquake Drill – important info regarding pick up

Our Earthquake Drill will be on May 17th at 1 pm.  Prior to the drill we will be discussing with the students why we are practising and what is going to happen.These are the steps we will carry out:

  1.  An “alarm” will sound over the P.A. system (a series of earthquake sounds)
  2. Students will be directed to get under a heavy object (desk, chair, table, etc.), crouch and protect their heads. Students will be directed to stay away from windows and glass.
  3. Once the “rumblings” have stopped, students will count to 60, and then evacuate the building (as they do in a fire drill) and assemble on the big field.
  4. Teachers will take roll call of their division and then drop students off into last name groupings on the field.  However, our Kindergarten students will be grouped with their siblings and will remain with the Kindergarten teachers. Students will be wearing their Emergency Contact Cards around their necks (on a lanyard)
  5. At this point parents/guardians will arrive at the school to pick up their children.  We will have parents line up and allow them into the field to pick up their children. For those parents who are waiting in line, we will also have teachers being “runners” taking down names and bringing children to the designated adult.  Since children are organized into last name groupings, a parent has to go to one section to collect his/her children.  The adult(s) in charge of the children will ask the  adult to identify him/herself and then the check to see if the adult is listed on the child’s Emergency Contact card.  The parent takes his/her child and hands the lanyard to the adult in charge.

Please understand that this is our first Earthquake Drill (done this way) in years.  That means we need to be patient.  We are aware that in a real earthquake there are many factors and our plan may have to drastically change.  The purpose of the drill is to have our students understand the basics of :

  • drop, cover, hold
  • staying with an adult during an emergency (it is safe)
  • where to evacuate and how to stay together in a group
  • to follow teacher directions until an adult picks them up.

Please arrange to have yourself (parent/guardian) or one of the adults on your child’s Emergency Contact Card be able to come and pick up your child(ren) between 1:30 – 2:25 pm.  Just as in an emergency, teachers will remain with your child(ren) for as long as necessary.

If no one has come to pick your child by 2:45 pm, we will then call the parent/guardian first, and if we are unable to get a hold of the parent, we then go down the Emergency Card Contact list for pick up.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Ms. Chohan.



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