January 25, 2018

Upcoming Events:

January 31         Maker Faire
February 1         Maker Faire – Parent viewing at 1:30 pm
February 5         Scholastic Book Fair
February 12       Family Day Holiday
February 13       Last day of Scholastic Book Fair
February 14       Jump Rope for Heart
February 16       Non Instructional Day
February 22       Theme Day: 80’s and Kindness Counts Assembly at 1 pm
February 23       Author visit: Grayson Smith
February 28       Pink Shirt Day
March 5             Multicultural Day
March 12           CSL “reports” home this week
March 15           Talent Show

Learning Spotlight:

Kindness Counts

Our students have been busy making the world a better place.  We recently had an assembly where our leadership students shared their responses to the question,  “Whose act of kindness has made a difference in your life?”  We have a board created by our leadership students that asks this questions and our school community has been sharing what a difference kindness makes.  Below is a response that Kiera Chong shared:

IMG_0188While I was in Mexico, my family and I had visited a small town.  People were selling their creations on the side of the road.  We had gone to a restaurant, which had given us balloons.  Our hands started getting full of items, so we decided to let the balloon go.  As we were just about to let go of the balloon, we saw a little girl who was on the side of the road with her family, who were trying tousle some items.  We walked over the little girl with th balloon and offered it to her.  Her face lit up with excitement.  Her mother thanked us, as well as the happy girl.  After that day, I realized kindness doesn’t have to be something big, it can be as small as giving someone a ballon and seeing their face light up!

During our assembly we were lucky enough to have the founder of Ruben’s Shoes, Kelly Strongitharm, share with us her inspiring story and how her simple act of kindness eventually evolved into Ruben’s shoes.  Kelly’s story inspired one of our Kindergarten students so much that she went home and collected shoes from neighbours and relatives.  She came to school the following week with 500 pairs of shoes. This kind student is Taylor.

Our school has been donating shoes to this organization for the past four years. We have to thank Janelle Morrison (one of our wonderful PAC parents) for working with our grade 7 Leadership Students each year in handing out notices, collecting shoes, and then sorting them.  We will continue to collect shoes until January 31.

leadership.jpgOur Leadership Students are inspiring their peers to be kind in order to change the world.  They have inspired students in grade 3 (Anjili and Olivia) to make and sell bookmarks.  All proceeds are going towards cancer research.  The students have been going to classes and reading kindness themed books, such as, The Invisible Boy by Trudy Ludwig.  The students have also been hard at work finding videos to show at school assemblies to internally motivate students to do the right thing and be kind.  The message is all about how small acts of kindness make a big difference.  Click here for the video titled, Colour Your World With Kindness, shown at our last assembly.

Sports and Other Clubs


Our grade 6/7 Basketball season has started!  We have Mr. Henderson coaching the boy team. Ms. Beale, and Kul Chong (parent coach) coaching the girls team.

Girls Basketball schedule:
Practises: Monday and Wednesday mornings 7:45 – 8:25 am
Games: Thursdays after school
Boys Basketball Schedule:
This year we have 40 boys who want to play basketball!  Since we want our players to develop basketball skills we made the choice to not have any “cuts” but instead have all the boys play and develop.  The only way to do that is to have intramurals for the grade 6 and 7 boys during lunch hours on Wednesday’s and Thursday’s.  This way all the boys get fair and even playing time.

European Handball

handballOur grade 4 & 5 boys and girls have the opportunity to participate in the European Handball intramural season.  Games will take place on Mondays and Tuesdays at lunch.  Interested students will assigned to a team and will play at least once a week.  A schedule will be posted outside the gym doors.  The season will start on Tuesday, January 30th

What is handball? Handball, sometimes called European Handball, is an easy sport to learn and play.  Handball is great team sport for learning basic throwing, passing, offence, and defence skills.  If your child has never played team sports before, handball is a perfect sport to begin with.  Permission slips will be handed out to all interested players tomorrow, January 26 and need to be handed into the office by January 29th.


osmo codingMs. Monroe has been working with our grade 3 students in the area of coding.  She has been using the Osmo and Ozobots for kids to play and learn.  A new group of grade 3 students have the opportunity to be part of the coding club that will start on Monday February 5th.  If your child is interested in this club, please have your child talk to Ms. Monroe or his/her classroom teacher.

Kids in the Kitchen and Boardgames Club


kitk.jpgWe have started our new sessions for Kids in the Kitchen and Boardgames Club.  Students are selected for these clubs by students themselves, parents, teachers, or Ms. Chohan.   These clubs are an opportunity for students to build friendships with peers from other classes.  The clubs are also an opportunity for students to connect with the adults facilitating the clubs.  Currently our Kids in the Kitchen group is a girls group (grades 5&6) and is led by Ms. Hall and Ms. Fink.  The Boardgames Club is led by Ms. Chohan and Ms. Hall and it is for boys and girls in grade 5&6.

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