December 4, 2017

put-this-on-your-calendarImportant Dates

December 7                    Ministry Announcement from our school
December 11                  Communicating Student Learning reports home this week
December 11                  Elections in the school gym
December 12                  Last day of Blanket Drive
December 13                  Items in Lost and Found to be donated
December 15                  Winter Breakfast
December 19                  Early Dismissal 1:25 pm for Learning Conferences
December 20                  Early Dismissal at 1:25 pm for Learning Conferences
December 21                  Winter Concert for Parent Audience at 1 pm
December 22                  Last Day of classes before Winter Break begins
January 8                        Schools back in session
January 9-12                   First Peoples in Residence Week (primary classes)
January 23                      PAC meeting at 6 pm in Multipurpose Room
January 25                      Theme Day: TBA
January 31                      Maker Faire
February 1                      Maker Faire

Learning Spotlight: Gravity Track Racing

In the month of November our students learned all about designing and construction model cars out of simple materials so they race down a tilted track (powered by gravity) at top speed.  In designing these cars the students learned all about the factors that affect speed: size, aerodynamics, weight distribution,rolling resistance of the wheels (friction) and size of wheels.

Please view the videos below for the learning reflections from students in Ms. McIntyre’s class.  Reflections are by Jenna, Jake, Trygg, Gus, Eden, and Gael.






Rayhan Somel from Ms. Holmes wrote the following reflection:

“My weight for my car was 400 grams.  Method was to cut the wood with a sw and drill two holes for the axel to fit in for my wheels then I spray painted my car and put tow batteries on.  y challenges were holding the batteries to keep the still while I was taping them.  My solutions was I go a buddy to hold the battery for me.  I tested t car and it did really well – out of thirteen races, my car one 11 of the races!

Divisions 1 and 2 also had a great time racing.  Please view the video below along with some pictures of their cars.  The ultimate winner in grade 7 was Turner Anderson.




Ministry Announcement

On Thursday, December 7th our premier, John Horgan, will be making an announcement in our school.  There will be media, people from the premier’s office, and members from our school board and district present.  The announcement will take place inside the school building at 11 am.  Students and staff will be in classrooms as the announcement takes place, however we will have some students participating in a learning activity with our premier.

Winter Breakfast and Pajama Day!

pancakeOur annual Winter Breakfast is almost here!  The fun family event is happening on the morning of  December 15th. We encourage all of our Pacific Families to attend.  We love meeting younger and older siblings along with grandparents of our students.  Please remember to purchase your tickets in the hot lunch section of the PAC website before Sunday, December 10. Ordering in advance is important, as we need to know how many people are in attendance so we can prepare food accordingly.  We also have Santa in the building – he is more than happy to take a selfie with you and your family!

Remember that this day is also a theme day.  Students (and staff) are asked to dress comfortably in their cozy winter pajama’s on this day.

Communicating Student Learning

Parent InterviewsDuring the week of December 11th, your child will be bringing home his/her Communicating Student Learning (CSL) progress “report”.  This will be in the form of a PDF document or an on-line FreshGrade portfolio.  Following the CSL report, we have two early dismissal days in the month of December – December 19th and 20th.  These early dismissal days are for Learning Conferences.  Please call the school office to set up a time to meet with you child’s classroom teacher on one of these two early dismissal days. 

Winter Concert

Winter ConcertOur Winter Concert theme this year is “A Canadian Winter”.  Our students will be wearing their favourite Canadian gear for the concert on December 21st.  The Winter concert will have all of our primary classes performing.  Please talk to your child about the performance his/her class is practising for the concert.  We will be having two performances on December 21st.  The first performance is for our school audience and is more of a dress rehearsal. The second performance will be the afternoon at 1 pm and it will be for our parent/family audience only.

Student Leadership

Movember in Pictures
We raised over $700 during our four day fundraising blitz!  So proud of our students for all the advertising they did to raise awareness for men’s health.


Blanket Drive
Blanket-DriveApart from supporting important global initiatives and building school spirit, one of the most important mandates of our Student Leadership Team is to make our own community a better place to live. With that idea in mind, we are hoping to collect as many warm, clean blankets as we can to provide some respite from the cold for people who are forced to live out on the streets. If you have a blanket to donate, please send it in a bag to your child’s classroom teacher. Members of the leadership team will come around and collect the blankets by Tuesday, December 12, 2018. The blankets will then be delivered to a local shelter.

Lost and Found

lost and foundWe have a lot of items in our Lost and Found bins.  We have winter jackets, summer jackets,  fancy cardigans, and a lot of sweatshirts.  Please take a look through the Lost and Found and claim your items!  All items left in the bin will be donated on December 13th.