October 21, 2017

put-this-on-your-calendarUpcoming Events

Week of October 23: Interims go home
Week of Oct. 23: First People’s in Residence Week
October 23: First People’s in Residence Week Assembly 9:40 am
October 23: Drop Everything and Read
October 24: PAC meeting 6 pm in the library
October 27: Individual Photo re-takes
November 3: Curriculum Day – classes not in session for students
November 9: Remembrance Day Assembly 10:30 am
November 10: Non-Instructional Day – classes not in session for students
November 13: Remembrance Day Holiday – classes not in session for students
November 22: Theme Day- TBA

Learning Spotlight: Learning from Arcades

Students in Division 4 spent the first 5 weeks of school working on elaborate arcade games inspired by Caine’s Arcade. We learned many concepts and skills from the Applied, Design, Skills and Technologies Curriculum around designing, prototyping and creating an arcade game for our audience. We took risks, used a variety of tools such as hand saws, drills, X-Acto knives with materials such as cardboard and wood.

IMG_3925I saw my students develop their Core Competencies by communicating with one another, thinking both creatively to come up with a design and critically when faced with challenges. We ran into a few problems along the way but each student demonstrated great resilience and participation.

We showcased our arcades and had every single class at Pacific Heights play our games during our week long Arcade Extravaganza. They worked tirelessly presenting their games, demonstrating how to play and kept their energy and enthusiasm up the entire week! My students were mindful to make modifications from Kindergarten to Grade 7.

As a teacher, I am most proud of all the time, effort and work they put into their arcade games. The thoughtfulness behind their designs, their leadership when showcasing their projects to other classes, the perseverance they demonstrated when hitting a roadblock and so much more. I took pictures, videos and  conferenced along the way and only had to hand out one bandaid! We ended our Arcade Extravaganza by showcasing our games to our parents. You could see both kids and parents beaming with excitement!

Our Arcade Extravaganza was truly an inspirational project, both for the kids and myself. It was an amazing way to kick off the school year!

Ms. Song
Grade 5/6 Teacher

We Day 2017

This past Wednesday fifteen of our Grade 7 Student Leaders attended WE Day at Rogers Arena.  We Day is an inspirational event to enpower our student leaders to shift the world from “me” to “we”. WE Day brings together inspirational speakers and performers who share their contributions and therefore motivate youth to kick-start another year of positive change.

WE day and WE schools empower youth to find their passion and create the change they want to see.  Last school year, the students at Pacific Heights collected food for our food bank, we put together Caring Hampers during Winter Break for families in need, we collected shoes for the Ruben’s Shoes Charity, and we fundraised money for education in Sierra Leone.

Our Student Leaders will be meeting this week and discussing how we want to change the world with our positive impacts.  Below are reflections from two of our students who attend the WE Day.

My experience at WE Day was unforgettable and empowering because it showed we that I can do anything if I really put my mind to it. About mid way into WE Day a man named Spencer West came on the stage and told us about how he climbed Mount Kilimanjaro missing the bottom half portion of his body. When I heard this I was shocked because I can barely climb Teapot Hill in Chilliwack without getting tired and he climbed 19,314 feet just using his hands and wheelchair. I found this really inspirational because seeing that he was happy and content with his life despite missing his legs he was just a normal guy living his life to the fullest. This has inspired me to challenge myself and live outside the box.
~Written by Renita

IMG_4002When I went to WE Day I was just so happy that I was one of the lucky students that was chosen out of two – Grade 7 classes.  After a long trip on the skytrain, we finally made it to Roger’s Arena.  One of the speakers that I found to be a great inspiration for me was the famous soccer player, Karina Leblanc.  She was an inspiration to me because soccer is my passion and Karina Leblanc made me believe that if I work hard enough that I too can become an amazing soccer player.  Going to WE Day was the best thing that has happened to me and I hope that I can go again but this time I would be the one who would be inspiring someone else.
~Written by Rehea Johal

Sports, Sports, Sports!

soccerMr. Thompson was coaching a co-ed soccer team.  Our students demonstrated excellent sportsmanship and had a very successful season.  All students ended the season improving their game and having a lot of fun and memories. The team had a very competitive final game on the Play Day that ended in shoot-outs. We came in second place!  Well Done.


Our intramurals have also started!  Mr. Henderson has organized a Floorball League for our grade 4 and 5 students.  Floorball is a type of floor hockey with five players and a goalkeeper on each team.  It is a fast and exciting game that our students have been enjoying.  For more information on Floorball, click here.


Volleyball season is also underway.  We have Mr. Unruh and Ms. Song coaching the girls team. The coaches for the boys team are Mr. Henderson and Ms. Chamberlayne.

A BIG THANK YOU to our teachers who have volunteered in their spare time (before school, after school, and lunch hours) to coach our students.

First People’s in Residence Week

This week our intermediate students and the rest of the school will be welcoming Ms. Anderson and Ms. Leon from the Aboriginal Resource Centre.  These two cultural facilitators will be teaching our students about First People’s culture and the First People’s groups that lived in our area.  We will be learning through art, music, and blanket weaving.  Our students are looking forward to hearing stories and learning about the importance of local plants and animals.  We will start our fun week of learning with a short assembly on Monday, Oct. 23 at approximately 9:40 am.


halloweenAs we all know with all the candy we have been seeing (and eating) at the supermarkets, Halloween is fast approaching.  As we have done every year, our school will start the day with a costume parade at approximately 9 am.  Parents and siblings are more than welcome to join in on the parade.

Please send your child to school wearing his/her costume.  We want students to enjoy the day but be safe at the same time.  Please keep the following in mind as you are thinking about your child’s Halloween Costume:

  • The costume needs to be appropriate for the school setting.  We have younger students at the school and do not allow costumes that are too scary (lots of blood and gore).
  • District policy does not allow any types of replica weapons at school (toy guns, knives, swords, etc.).
  • Students are not allowed to wear masks during recess, lunch, before or after school.  For safety reason, students may only wear masks int he classroom and during the Costume Parade.
  • Safety is important!  Masks or anything that obstructs a child’s view is discouraged.  Also, no items that might make your child trip and fall.

After recess at approximately 10:30 am, there will be a primary dance (K-3).  Parents are welcome to come join in the fun.

Recap of Events

Well done Pacific Heights in surpassing our fundraising goal for the Terry Fox foundation!  We had set our sight on raising $700 and we raised $762.90!

Once again Harvest Day was a HUGE success. Our school community came together dressed in our Harvest best, dancing shoes on, and we outdid ourselves with the veggie carvings!