June 6, 2017

Happy Retirement!

IMG_0045.jpgAs many of you may have already heard, Mrs. de Leeuw is retiring at the end of June. In the time I have known Ms. deLeeuw, I know she put in a lot of time and energy, ensuring her students be successful.  Even at the end of the day, Mrs. de Leeuw would be meeting with students to give them extra help or to help students problem solve a social issue.  Mrs. de Leeuw made teaching fun and meaningful through the various units she taught about the environment and stressing the importance of recycling.  She has been an amazing teacher, colleague and friend as she was always there to lend colleagues a helping hand, always there to brainstorm teaching ideas, and always there for her students.  Ms. deLeeuw has been my go-to person when I had questions or needed ideas.  When I think of Ms. deLeeuw, I’m reminded of a quote by Carol Ann Tomlinson: “Excellence in education is when we do everything that we can to make sure they become everything that they can.”  Mrs. de Leeuw, thank you for lasting impact you have made on the students you taught.  You will be missed.  Happy retirement!

Below is Mrs. de Leeuw’s letter to our community:

Dear Pacific Heights Community,

I am writing this note to say farewell, as I am retiring from teaching full time, grade 4 and/or 5, at Pacific Heights Elementary, in the Surrey School District of British Columbia! Friday, June 30th will be my last day!

My decision has not been easy, as I do not feel “finished” with teaching and education, generally. The students have made every day of work energizing, interesting and positively challenging; no day is the same when helping children learn, as there are so many aspects to harness spontaneously, fine tune and continuously learn more about. My career has been tremendously stimulating and rewarding! I have loved the journey so far, and I look forward to using my teaching interests and skills in voluntary capacities.

Looking ahead, I will have more time with my family, particularly my grandchildren and aging parents. I feel privileged to be able to do this with my husband, who has also recently retired. Naturally, we have many adventures on our bucket list to try, such as exploring the arctic, sailing in the Caribbean, and skiing the spine of the Rocky Mountains to name a few.

I am truly grateful for the strong support and great collaboration within our school community. My colleagues and principals have especially inspired my teaching to be richer in content, experimental with best practices, as well as purposeful and productive for students. I am so appreciative of the PHE parent community, especially the PAC committees, who continuously provided the extra resources and helped make students’ learning more vibrant, hands-on, and experiential. I extend many thanks to the students and their parents, with whom I have worked closely with during my 11 years at PHE, for their dedication and the steady work that goes with it. Your willingness to be a team player in our journey together has meant a great deal to me!

Pacific Heights, thank you for all the wonderful opportunities I have had to develop my teaching career here! I will miss you all and this “beehive” of diverse learning very much!


Mrs. (Mignon) de Leeuw

Calendar and Bell Schedule for 2017/18

bellschedulePlease click here to go to access the school website and view the school calendar.

Bell Schedule:

8:30 am     Welcome Bell
8:35 am     Classes in session

10:15 am Recess
10:30 am Classes in session

11:40 am Lunch hour (students outside)
12:10 pm Lunch (eating inside)
12:25 pm Classes in session

2:25 pm Dismissal Bell

School Supplies

If you would like to order your child’s school supplies from EduPac, please order on-line. On-line orders are due by the end of June 2017.  The supply lists for each grade are on our school website.

June Events

June 12-14    Grade 7 Camp
June 15          PAC election meeting 6:30 pm in MPR
June 16          Games Day
June 22          PAC BBQ
June 27          Grade 7 Assembly 10:45 am
June 27          Grade 7 Celebration 1 – 4 pm
June 28           Year End Assembly 10:45 am
June 29           Last day of school.  Reports go home. Early dismissal at 1:30 pm

Games Day Itinerary

8:30 am     Bell and attendance
8:45 am     House Team Cheers in the gym
9:00 am    Bike Parade in the round-a-bout

**bike paradeIf you would like your child to participate in the Bike Parade, please have your child decorate his/her bike in their house colours.  Bike’s will be parked in the teacher parking lot.  Once the parade ends, bikes are kept in the gym or in the parking lot.

9:20 am        Classes rotate through stations
10:15 am      Recess
10:30 am      Stations resume
11:42 am       Lunch
12:45 pm      Grade 7 Egg Toss on intermediate basketball court
1:15 pm        Running Races (pre-schoolers to grade 7)
1:45 pm        Tug O’ War
2:30 pm        Dismissal

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