May 10, 2017

Dates to Remember:dont-forget

May 10     Ready, Set, Learn in the gym at 1:00 pm
May 10    PAC meeting at 6:30 pm
May 12     Wheat in the Barley Performance at 10:30 am
May 18     Mini Meet (track&field) in South Surrey at 1:30 pm
May 22     Victoria Day (classes not in session)
May 23    School Assembly 10:45 am
May 25      Parent Appreciation Tea 1:45 pm in the gym
May 29      Pro D (classes not in session for students)
May 30     Entrepreneur Faire (parents welcome to purchase after lunch)
May 31     Final Track Meet at Bear Creek Park (all day)
June 1       Welcome to Kindergarten 8:45 – 10 am in the gym
June 12-14   Grade 6/7 Camp
June 16     Games Day
June 22     PAC BBQ
June 27    Grade 7 Assembly 10:45 am
Grade 7   Celebration 1-4 pm
June 29    Last Day of School
Early dismissal at 1:30 pm


Students on a Safety Mission in Division 9

Our grade 2’s and 3’s in division 9 saw the issues we are having in our school student drop off and pick up zone.  They wanted to do something about it!  The idea came from students who wanted to make signs and stand outside in the morning during student drop off time.  These students demonstrated true commitment and care as they stood outside in the rain with their signs.  This

Multicultural Day

Multicultural Day was a day full of fun learning. Throughout the day students either participated in sport or art from around the world.  Some classes did reader’s theatre from different countries.  We had a dance performance by Grupo America.  This group amazed our students and staff with a variety of dances from South America.

Coding at Pacific Heights

Students have been busy learning how to code.  We had Mr. Weibe from Morgan Elementary came in to teach our intermediate classes how to code using Scratch, click here to learn more about scratch programming language.  Scratch provides students the opportunity to think creatively, reason systematically, and much more.

A big thank you to Best Buy in South Surrey for coming in for a day to teach our intermediate students how to use the Sphero.  Students had fun trying to code the Sphero to do what they wanted it to.  Take a look at the video below.  We will continue learning coding with the Sphere.


Ultimate Frisbee

ultimateOur Grade 6/7 team had a great season of Ultimate Frisbee.  Thank you to Mr. Thompson and Mr. Unruh for coaching.  The students exhibited excellent sportsmanship during the Ultimate Play Day, May 4th (May the Fourth Be With You).  The team spirit was evident as students prepared for the Playday making their team shirts.  Shirts went with the Stars Wars them (May 4th- May the Fourth Be With You).

With so many students and parents interested in Ultimate Frisbee there is a mini UltiPros Academy this June for athletes in Grades 5 to 7.  It’s purpose is to provide students opportunity to play and develop their skills.  Please click here to register your child.

Kids in the Kitchen and Lego Club

We have students who work with Ms. Wallington and Ms. Fink.  These students come into the library to build with Lego a and at the same time engage in conversations around  how to communicate our ideas effectively in a group.  Our Kids in the Kitchen groups enjoy baking and discussing different themes around social responsibility.


Help Name Our Schools

You can participate in local history and suggest a name for Surrey’s newest schools!  The Surrey Board of Education invites public submissions to help name three new schools to be built at:

  • 169 Street & 25 Avenue – Grandview Heights area secondary (Site 177)
  • 194 Street & 76 Avenue – Clayton North area elementary (Site 184)
  • 187 Street & 74 Avenue – Clayton Village NW area elementary (Site 218)

According to school board policy, school names should reflect the history or geography of the neighbourhood or community.  Special consideration is given to names that have significant meaning to students and members of the community.

E-mail suggestions and if desired, a short explanation, by June 5, 2017 to

Please be sure to indicate the school site number beside each name suggestion.

(As many different people often suggest the same name, or close variations of the same name, acknowledgement is not given to those who suggest a school name that is later chosen by the board).

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