April 17, 2017

Dates to Remember:dont-forget

April 19       Class and School Panorama pictures
April 20       Drug Awareness Parent Session 6:30pm
April 27       Spring Concert (parent audience 12:45 pm)
April 28       Multicultural Day
May 4          Mini-meet(track&field)in South Surrey 1:30pm
May 4          Ultimate Frisbee Play Day
May 5          Professional Day (classes not in session)
May 8          Student Vote
May 10        Ready, Set, Learn at 1 pm
May 18       Mini-meet (track&field) in South Surrey at 1:30 pm
May 22       Victoria Day (holiday)
May 25       Parent Appreciation Tea
May 29       Professional Day (classes not in session)
May 30       PowerPlay (Grade 6/7) in the gym all afternoon

Student Drop Off and Pick Up


We have been experiencing more rain than usual, thus more of our parents are driving children to school.  Student safety is very important during drop off and pick up time.  A couple of safety reminders:

  • the front of the school (round-a-bout) is not to be used for parking vehicles.
  • do not drop off or pick up your child in the inner circle of the roundabout.  This compromises you child’s safety because it requires your child to walk across the roundabout where vehicles are backing up, and trying to slide into parking spots.
  • please do not get out of your car if you are dropping off or picking up.  If you want to walk your child to his/her classroom door, please park your car away from the drop off zone.
  • Drop off is also available on 26th Avenue.

Engaged and Learning

As you may be aware, our students have been learning how to code using fun games such as: MakeyMakey, Ozobot, Sphero, and the Osmo.  Below are some images of our intermediate students playing and coding.

Makers Continue to Make:

Our students continue to have numerous opportunities to make and invent.  Our students bake with our Kids in the Kitchen program, or use their imaginations to build during Lego Club, and our teachers continue to provide supplies and ideas for students to invent/make.




It is Track & Field season, our athletes have been coming out to practises preparing for our mini meets and final track meet.  There are days (too many for our liking) when it has been raining all morning, this makes our school field and our long jump pit wet and slippery.  Wet and slippery conditions are unsafe for students to run and for this reason practises have been cancelled.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Ms. Banbury at the school.
As you prepare your child for the mini meets, please remember to:

    • provide a water bottle
    • healthy snack
    • sunblock
    • a baseball cap

We also have an Ultimate Frisbee team for our Grade 6 and 7 students that Mr. Unruh and Mr. Thompson are coaching.

Below are pictures and video of our girls vs. boys basketball game to conclude the fun basketball season our students had.

Student Leadership

Our student leaders raised over $700 from our We Bake for Change cupcake sales.  We would like to extend a big thank you to our school community for all the support.  A big thank you to the parents who came in and helped our leadership students bake.

Our Retro Day was very eye catching.  We had fun guessing which decade our students and staff had dressed in.  Take a look at the images:

Upcoming Events

Multicultural Daymulticultural-day

Our annual Multicultural Day will be on April 28th.  All staff and students are encouraged to wear clothing from their culture on this day.  Our  students will create artwork from around the world in their classrooms.  We will have a performance by Grupo America at 10:45 am, parents are more than welcome to attend.

Young Entrepreneurs

Our grade 6 and 7 students are participating in the PowerPlay program.  This program allows for students to use real-world learning experiences to help students develop entrepreneurial thinking, practical money management skills, and the opportunity to make a difference.  Our students will be planning and then launching their products to sell at the Young Entrepreneur Fair on May 30th in our school gym.


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