February 27, 2017

Upcoming Events

February 28          Kindness Counts Assembly at 1 pm
March 6-10           Communicating Student Learning reports go home
March 6-10           Talent Show auditions
March 8              PAC Movie Night
March 8                 Theme Day: Retro Day
March 9              Reading Link Challenge at 1 pm in the gym
March 9              We Bake for Change (cupcake sale)
March 13-24         Spring Break
March 30             Talent Show (parent audience at 12:45 pm)
April 6              Early Dismissal for Student Led Conferences at 1:30 pm
April 14             Good Friday (holiday)
April 17             Easter Monday (holiday)
April 19             Class and School Panorama pictures
April 27             Spring Concert

Coding at Pacific Heights?

As you all know, the world is changing at a fast pace with all the technology we have at our fingertips.  We live in a world that is dominated by software with our phones, television, mapping apps, shopping online, and even some of our homes are controlled by software (programmed heating and lights) and so much more! Because software is such a big part of our lives, it is now also a language of our world.  We want our children to know the language of computers.  This does not mean that all future jobs will involve programming but it does mean that our children need to have computational thinking…a structured way to solve problems.  Computational thinking goes beyond coding, but allows for problem solving skills in the fields of medicine, physics, fluid mechanics, and music. Here is an article from Mother Jones explains computational thinking.

So where do we start?  We start with having our students create a game or animation that is really fun. You can introduce your children to coding through Hour of Code.  These are one-hour tutorials that teach the basics of coding and computer science.

At Pacific Heights, we are starting with games such as the Osmo Wonder, Dash, Sphero 2.0, and the Ozobot.  Take a look at the video below.  Students from Division 2 used their coding skills with the the Dash.

Doggy DooDoo Posters by Division 9

Students in Ms. McIntyre’s have been very concerned with the mess dog owner’s are leaving behind on our school grounds.  Our school is a place where children play soccer, run, and play other games.  When dog owners do not clean up after their pets on our school grounds, the fields become too messy for kids to play.  Take a look at the posters students made to get their message out.  We are so proud of division 9 and their “take action” approach to this problem.

Field Trip to Grouse Mountain

All of our grade 3, 4, and 5 students went on a field trip to Grouse Mountain to learn about First Nation’s culture.  Students learned from an Elder in the feast house.  Students had the opportunity to make totem animals out of felt.  Our classes had the joy of going on an snowshoeing expedition as an eco walk.  An eco walk is where you look at the ecology of the area.  Each one of our students learned valuable information on this field trip.

Ms. Chohan asked students: What did you learn?
We learned to respect everyone and if someone is mean to you, you can ignore them or walk away” Cole B.
“I learned about making a red cedar basket and how it can hold water and other liquids.  I learned that from a story they told” Georgia S.
“I learned about the First Nations people and how the clan animals mean something.  I remember wolf means love.” Inderveer S.
We learned about First Nations culture.  I understood that they don’t worship animals but respect them.  They have dances and songs about the animals.  If you listen to the beat you can figure out which animal it is about” Adam W.

Student Leadership

Pink Shirt Day
We had a keen group of leadership students who wanted to spread some kindness this month.  This group took pictures, made props, painted backdrops, and shared words of kindness.  Please take a look below at the great photography skills our leadership students exhibited.

Retro Day
On Wednesday, March 8th we are encouraging all students to dress in retro gear.  Allow your children to dig through your closet and find your silk shirts with big shoulder pads, bell bottoms, hypercolour t-shirts, scrunchies, and so much more from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. Help your child dress retro on this fun day.

We Bake for Change

cupcake March 9th our Me to We team will be baking cupcakes to sell to students.  All sale proceeds will go to Ecuador to support their health care.  Cupcakes will be sold for $2.00.
Money will be collected on March 8th and cupcakes will be brought to each classroom on the day of March 9th.

Multicultural Day

multicultural-dayOur school multicultural day has been postponed due to performance scheduling.  We will have a multicultural day as soon as we reschedule a school performance.  The new date will be posted on the school website.


A big congratulations to our boys and girls teams.  Our players demonstrated teamwork and healthy competition during our play days.  The teams had a great season with our boys and girls team finishing in third place.  Well done!basketball      .

We would like to thank our coaches for their time and enthusiasm as they worked with our students to develop basketball skills.  Our coaches were:
Mr. Henderson
Mr. Thompson
Ms. Chong (parent volunteer)
Mr. George (parent volunteer)

Fishy Fridays

Thank you to all of you who bought our Fishy Friday candy bags.  We raised     for our Seaquarium.  This will allow for our school to purchase new critters and food for the aquarium along with making any repairs.

A big thank you to the parents and students who volunteered their time to advertise and sell the goody bags after school.

Talent Show

talent-showNext week week we will begin our Talent Show auditions.  Auditions will be held during the lunch hour in the multipurpose room.  Please encourage your child to participate.  In the past we have had comedy acts, dance, singing, piano, and guitar.  We encourage all student to try out and have fun.  Please keep in mind that acts are not be longer than 4 minutes. If your child is singing then he/she must bring his/her own music.

Audition Schedule:
Monday: kindergarten and grade 1
Tuesday: grade 2 and 3
Wednesday: grade 4 and 5
Thursday: grade 6 and 7
Friday: missed auditions

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