February 7, 2017

Events this Unexpectedly short Week

Wednesday, February 8                  Dress for the Wilderness
Wednesday February  8                  Scholastic Book Fair
Basketball games and practises: TBA tomorrow


As adults when most of us see snow we think about driving conditions, shovelling the driveway, and school closures.  Remember for our students its all about the fun and beauty of the snow.  I do hope that after you finished all the tedious tasks that snow brings, you were able to go out and enjoy the snow with your children by sledding, building, or going for a walk.

So as it looks like schools will be open tomorrow I wanted to send out some important reminders.

Dress for the Weatherkid-in-snow

Our students love to make snow angels, build forts, run in the snow and so please ensure your children are dressed appropriately as it will be outside day at recess and lunch.  Children should come to school wearing a warm coat, hat, and and mittens.

Snow Related Activities

fortMany of our students bring sleds to school and our school rule is that there is no sledding during recess, lunch, and after school.  This is because it is difficult to safely supervise students while they are sledding. Instead we have decided that students can go sledding with their classes.  If the classroom teacher decides to take students out for some fresh air and physical activity, then students may go sledding with clear rules and expectations with the classroom teacher supervising.  If students decide to go sledding after the 2:45 pm bell they may do so, however they require a parent to supervise as there is no staff supervision after 2:45 pm.

Snow Safety

We encourage our students to build with the snow, run, make forts and other structures with the snow.  We do not allow snowballs to be thrown as this is a safety concern.

iceYou may also have noticed that icicles quickly form along the roof overhang, right above where classes line up.  We do our best to knock the icicles down so they do not fall and harm a student.  If you notice icicles are formed please report to the school office and we will take care of it.

Also, if we notice the school grounds are too icy, then we do call it an inside day.  We do not want students to slip and fall.  Once again, if you notice icy patches on school grounds please notify the office and we will put down some salt in those areas.


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