January 31, 2017

Upcoming Events

February Fridays     Fishy Friday’s (read below for more info)
February 6-10           FSA week for grade 4 and 7 students
February  7-10          Book Fair
February 7                 Theme Day: Dress for the Wilderness (to kick-off our book fair)
February 10               Jump Rope for Heart
February 13               Family Day
February 17               Pro D
February 22              Pink Shirt Day/Anti-Bullying Day
March 2                      Multicultural Day
March 13 – 24           Spring Break
March 30                   Talent Show

Maker Faire at Pacific Heights

This was our third annual Maker Faire and it was truly amazing.  Looking at all the projects, it was evident how our Maker Faire has evolved because the students have developed in their making skills.  More importantly, students are learning from each other and they are inspired by the work their peers are doing.  When a student in grade 3 sees a “cool” Maker Faire project, that student thinks to him/herself,
“I’m going to try that next year”.  As students and parents walked around viewing the projects, I was most impressed with the questions being asked and how students answered–thoughtfully and clearly.  I heard questions like, “how did you wire this?” “where did you get the idea?” “How does this work exactly?”  Each student was able to answer clearly and thoroughly.

This year we had Ms. Holmes and Mr. Unruh create a Maker Space in one of our portables.  This Maker Space has tools we wouldn’t normally have in a classroom (saws, drills, hammers, etc.). This space allows students who usually wouldn’t create or make  using wood have the opportunity to do so.  During our Maker Faire, Mr. Unruh was in the Maker Space helping students from grades 3 -7 build.  It was a place where students were learning new skills and the common sense safety required using the new tools.  We had girls make bookshelves for their bedroom, another group made a ping pong table, and there was so much more happening in that room.

Our staff and students have embraced the new  ADST curriculum, developing skills to create, problems solve, and be analytical.  In many of our classrooms, students have been participating in weekly STEM challenges.  The Writing Club has been exploring story-telling through video games.  For Maker Faire students wrote an introduction for their individual story ideas and then coded a game using Hopscotch to tell the rest of the story.  All of our students demonstrated many of the skills listed below:

  • creativity
  • organized planning
  • risk-taking
  • problem solving
  • collaboration
  • analytical thinking
  • communication

Most of our primary students created using cardboard.  The cardboard creations had so much detail.  Our intermediate students branched out to make a variety of things: signs and furniture made from wood, making slime or goop, carnival type games, and holograms.  Take a look at our Maker Faire photo gallery.  For more pictures please visit our school twitter and IG account:

Fishy Fridays!

Please support our school fundraiser for Seaquaria and Touchtank.  Parents will be selling goody bags for $2.00 with all proceeds going directly to support the upkeep of the Seaquaria and Touchtank.  The money raised helps to purchase new new creatures, buy food for the creatures, and repair or replace any equipment.  Goody bags will be sold in front of the school every Friday at 2:30 pm.

Student Leadership

A big thank you to our school community for donating gently used shoes for Ruben’s Shoes.  We were able to donate 352 pairs of shoes.  These shoes will help children in third world countries go to school, and allow for some adults to wear new shoes for job interviews.  Our Me to We team with the help and supervision of PAC parent, Janelle Morisson, collected and sorted all 352 pairs.

Scholastic Book Fair: February 7-10, 2017

Our book fair is open on February 7th and we are going to kick it off with a “dress for the wilderness” theme day.  The book fair is open during lunch (11:40 – 12:30 pm)  and after school (2:30-3:30 pm).  Please have a discussion with your child(ren) about buying books for only him/herself and not for friends.  Sometimes our younger students feel they need to buy books or other items (erasers, pencils, bookmarks, etc.) for their friends or older students, this ends up leading to hurt feelings and other conflicts.  If you have given you child permission to purchase items from the book fair for another child, then please inform the classroom teacher with a note.


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