October 19, 2016

Upcoming Events

Oct.19                         PAC Meeting 6:30 pm in the Multipurpose Room
Oct. 21                        Pro D
Oct.  25                       Photo Re-takes
Oct.  27                      School Assembly
Oct. 31                        Halloween Parade 9 am in the gym
Halloween Dance for Grades K-3 10:45 am

Nov. 4                          Pro D
Nov. 9                          Remembrance Day Assembly
Nov. 10                        Pro D
Nov. 11                         Remembrance Day Holiday
Nov. 30                        Assembly (ArtStarts) 10:45 am

Dec.9                           Winter Breakfast/Pajama Day
Dec. 15                         Winter Concert

Student Leadership

“You can make a positive difference in your school or community”  that is the message we are instilling in our student leaders at Pacific Heights.  Our students develop their leadership skills by looking for new and challenging activities that apply to them.  Our leaders have a strong desire to take action and try new things, they take on responsibility, exercise good judgement and seek creative ways to meet people halfway, and most importantly our student leaders wok on expressing themselves effectively.

This year we have three categories for student leadership:

  • Me to We Team
  • School Spirit Team
  • School jobs/duties Team

Our Me to We Team is working with the Surrey Food Bank to collect non perishable goods for the month of October.  Throughout the year this team will also be working to fundraise money for a third world country  to provide one of the following: water, education, alternate income, health care, and agricultural help.

Our School Spirit Team is in charge of the our school spirit days (such as the Wacky Hair Day we just had) and assembly skits.  Stay tuned for a great year long campaign to encourage positive behaviours at the school.  Don’t forget that this week is Walk and Roll to School Week.  We encourage students to Walk and Roll (biking) to school.

The school jobs/duties Team is responsible for many tasks that help students and teachers so events run smoothly.  For example, this team signs out the gym equipment at recess and lunch so students are able to play with different sports equipment when needed.  This team is also responsible for the assembly set up and take down. as the year progresses these students will also be in charge of lunch hour intramural sports.

Playground Thank You

A big thank you to, Gordon Cameron, owner of Canadian Horizons Development Group.  Without the generous donation from this company our playground would not be complete so quickly.  The students presented the Vice President of the company, Nathan Hildebrand, with a plaque and some kind words.

Also, thank you to our wonderful parents and the PAC for all the hard work in fundraising and shovelling.  The parent community saw this project through from beginning to end!


Cross Country Team
A very big thank you to our coaches, Ms. deLeeuw and Ms. Banbury for making running fun and continuing to develop running skills with our students.   The students did such a great job every meet.  Their was lots of enthusiasm at the meets each week.  The season has now come to a close with our last practise (a very fun practise, I hear) being tomorrow.  Well done to all our runners!cross-country

The volleyball season has started.  Mr. Unruh and Ms. Shears are coaching the girls team and Mr. Henderson is coaching the boys team.  Practises for girls are Tuesdays and Thursdays at lunch.  The practises for boys are Mondays and Fridays at lunch.  The game schedule will be posted next week.


We have a variety of clubs at the school to best meet the needs of our learners. Each club has limited seats and so we rotate students in each club on a weekly or monthly bases. Take a look at the list below, and if you feel your child would benefit from one of the following, please contact the teacher organizing.  We offer the following:

  • Kids in the Kitchen (organized by Ms. Wallington and Ms. Fink)
  • Lego Club (organized by Ms. Wallington and Ms. Fink)
  • Art Club (organized by Ms. K-S)
  • Boys Club (organized by Ms. Chohan)
  • Choir (organized by Ms. Brown)
  • Writing Club (Ms. Cordeiro)
  • Student Leadership (Ms. Chohan and Mr. Thompson)


STEM is the acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. STEM fields affect virtually every component of our everyday lives. Our students today will be our leaders for tomorrow and therefore, need to be prepared for STEM related careers that are fast growing in the 21st Century. It is import we build a solid STEM foundation through well-rounded curriculum by ensuring our students are exposed to math, science and technology. Our teachers have been busy providing opportunities for our students to create and invent through inquiry and project based learning.

Today I was in Ms. Banbury’s class and the students were busy working in groups building an obstacle course for a ping-pong ball. The goal was to build a course with as many different obstacles as possible-over, under, through, loop, drop, etc. The students were encouraged to build anywhere on the table or on a clear area on the floor. The various conversations amongst the groups of grade 4 students was rich with questions and explanations. I heard students say things like, “why don’t we try it this way because the base will be stronger’’, or “I don’t think that will work but if we add some of this clay to hold it, it will be stronger”. The groups all had very different ideas, ideas that all seemed to work. Best of all was that each group was working together, listening and building on each other’s ideas. The students were all using their creative and critical thinking skills as they worked collaboratively.

Please take a look at the pictures below (Mr. Unruh and Ms. Banbury’s class) demonstrating STEM activities that have engaged and motivated our students to learn.

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