Week 1 Updates

September 9th, 2016

Upcoming Eventsput-this-on-your-calendar

Monday, September 12             School Assembly at 10:45 am
Wednesday, September 14       PAC mtg 6:30 pm in library
Thursday, September 15           Meet the Teacher 6 – 7 pm
Friday, September 16                 Terry Fox Run 1 pm

Class Placements

The first week of school has gone by quickly!  Students have come to school with smiles on their faces and a great attitude for learning. Our team of teachers have been hard at work getting to know students so we can make class lists based on careful observation of learning styles, social emotional needs, and intellectual needs.

We were originally projected to have 16 divisions but we did not have enough enrolment to meet that projection.  We have 15 divisions for this school year.  This means we have to say goodbye to Ms. Peters, who will be placed in another school.  We wish Ms. Peters all the best at her new posting…you will be missed, Ms. Peters!

Please take a look at our updated staff list

Teacher                     Grade       Division

Mr. Thompson          6/7                  1
Mr. Unruh                  6/7                  2
Mr. Henderson         6/7                  3
Ms. deLeeuw                5                   4
Ms. Holmes               4/5                  5
Ms. Banbury                4                   6
Ms. Darby                    3/4                 7
Ms. Beale                      3                    8
Ms. McIntyre              2/3                 9
Ms. Hall                         2                  10
Ms. Shears                    1/2                11
Ms. Beare                       1                   12
Ms. Tavares                  K/1                13
Ms. Andrews                 K                  14
Ms. Horvat                     K                  15

Combined Classes

Your child may have been placed in a combined class.  It is important to stress the many advantages of being in a combined class.  Research has shown there’s no difference in academic achievement between children in combined classes versus straight grades.  Children learn at different paces and combined classes offer a wide range of curriculum to meet the needs of every student.  Click here to read more about combined classes.

School Supplies


We understand students are anxiously waiting for their shiny, new school supplies.  Now that our classes are set, schools supplies will be distributed on Monday, September 12th.  A big thank you to our PAC parents who are helping us distribute the supplies on Monday.

Playground Update

spacenetThe primary playground is still under construction.  Construction has been delayed due to a backorder of some playground equipment.  If you take a look the playground you will see that it is almost done.  We are confident all work will be completed by Friday, September 16th at the latest.  If you take a look the blue SpaceNet structure, on the intermediate playground, has been completed.  Students have been having a lot of fun climbing on it.  We are being fair and taking turns between primary and intermediate  grades to play on the structure during recess and lunch.

Meet the Teacher

We are looking forward to Meet the Teacher night on Thursday, September 15 from 6 – 7 pm.  Please come in and visit your child’s classroom and meet his/her teacher and take a tour of our school.  We look forward to seeing you there.

Terry Fox Run

Tuesday, September 30th, we will be holding our Annual Terry Fox Run.  The run will start in the gym with a Hero’s themed assembly and a warm up.   Please bring a toonie to donate to the Terry Fox Foundation for Cancer Research.

Student Accident Insurance

Did you know Surrey School District does not insure expenses for student injuries that happen on school grounds or during school activities?  You are responsible for these expenses as a parent or guardian. Your DPAC and the School District provides the opportunity to voluntarily purchase private accident insurance through the Kids Plus Accident Insurance and Financial Services Ltd. For more information or to apply online, please visit www.kidsplus.ca



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