September Welcome

Principal’s Message:

newsletter quoteAs principal of Pacific Heights Elementary, it is my pleasure to welcome everyone back for another great school year. We are looking forward to a year of learning, inquiry, and play. It is our goal to make every student feel welcomed and connected. Our teachers strive to challenge each student to reach his/her learning goals through engaging activities.

For the first week of school, students will be working in their grade groups. This provides an opportunity for students to work with different teachers and peers. These interactions will help teachers determine class placements and go over class routines. Teachers are thoughtful and deliberate in determining the most suitable placement your child based on the following criteria:

  • Student intellectual, social and emotional development
  • Learning styles and strengths of students
  • Degree of independence
  • Social compatibility
  • Gender balance
  • Maintaining appropriate teacher-student ratios

I am excited to be principal of Pacific Heights Elementary School. Please remember my door is open to our parents and community members. Working together with open and honest communication is required to meet the needs of our learners and to build a positive school environment. I look forward to the opportunity to hear from you. Please feel welcome to come and say hello and introduce yourselves.

I also ask you to take a moment and follow us on the social media sites below, we will be sharing our learning and happenings around the school:

Twitter: @PacHeights36                                                                                                             Instagram: @PacificHeights_Learns
School website

I wish all our students and families a great 2016/17 school year.


Ms. Sundeep Chohan

Playground News

Our intermediate playground is complete and ready for play! You will notice fencing around our primary playgroundplayground.  It is in the process of being completed and we are keeping our fingers crossed that it will be done by the end of the first week of school.  Until then, we have designated areas for students to play.  The primary students will have plenty of opportunity to play on the new apparatus on the intermediate playground

Pacific Heights Staff 2016/17 School Year

(Grade levels have not been determined as they are based on student enrollment)

Intermediate Teachers:                          

  • Mr. Thompson                       
  • Mr. Unruh                              
  • Mr. Henderson
  • Ms. Peters       
  • Ms. deLeeuw              
  • Ms.Holmes                             
  • Ms. Banbury

Primary Teachers

  • Ms. Beale        
  • Ms. Darby                  
  • Ms. McIntyre 
  • Ms. Hall
  • Ms. Shears                  
  • Ms. A. Beare                                       
  • Ms. M. McKelvey
  • Ms. Tavares                                   
  • Ms. K. Horvat                        
  • Ms. S. Andrews                     

Non-Enrolling Teachers

  • Ms. Hart                       LST    
  • Ms. Kent-Snowsell   LST    
  • Ms. Dhaliwal               LST
  • Ms. Cordeiro               TL
  • Ms. Hagen                   Band
  • Ms. Brown                   Music
  • Ms. Tillberg                 Counsellor
  • Ms. D. Beaumont       Speech Therapist
  • Ms. Bednarz                 IST

Support Staff

  • Ms. K. Wallington       Child Care Worker
  • Ms. K. Batista               Head Clerk
  • Ms. Gauthier                EA      
  • Ms. Schurz                   EA
  • Ms. H. Fink                  EA
  • Ms. Angus                    EA
  • Ms. Mitten                   ABA

School Supplies

School Supply Lists are posted on our website. Students will only need limited supplies for the first week of school. Teachers will inform students of what they need to bring.  For those who have ordered supplies through EduPac they will be distributed to students once classes are set.

School Agendas

 We are happy to be sending an agenda home with your child. The agenda contains important information for parents and students. Please send $5.00 for each agenda with your child this week.

Regular Bell Schedule

 8:30     Welcome Bell
8:35     Classes in session
10:30   Recess
10:45   Classes Resume
11:43   Lunch bell (student go out to play first)
12:15   Students come in to eat lunch
12:30   Classes in session
2:30     Dismissal

Important Dates for September and October

6   Schools Open
15  Meet the Teacher
16  Terry Fox Run
23  Individual Photo Day
26  Non-Instructional Day
28  Shoreline Clean-Up

7    Harvest Day
10  Thanksgiving Holiday
13  Early Dismissal
21  Non-Instructional Day
25  Photo Re-takes
31 Halloween Parade and Primary Dance

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