As we move into the final stretch, there is still a lot of learning happening at Pacific Heights.  Tomatoes from space, arts and crafts, building and problem solving, theatre, special events and lots of exploratory play. Check out some of our moments from the past two weeks.


Students in Grade 4/5 have been growing tomatoes from seed.  Some of the seeds are from space. Students discovered that many of the seeds from space did not germinate and many of the plants had some flaws.  Not so with our earth seeds.  

Students in Grade 4/5 have been learning to weave.  Beautiful!


Many of our students attended the District Track Meet on June 1st.  They represented Pacific Heights well!

Swayne has been working on an art piece using plasticine as a medium for her work.

Grade 2 has been reading Charlotte’s Web.  That is a lot of Wilbers!


Kayla and Cassandra hard at work on their Father’s Day presents.  Don’t peek Dad!


Zachary, Alishah, Caitlyn and Sharin built a huge structure!

Art project underway in Grade 5/6


The theatre was alive and well in grade 3.  Students presented plays to their parents.


Every year, we host a Welcome to Kindergarten event.  Next year’s Kindergartens and their parents visit our school and try out many different activities that would be found in a Kindergarten classroom.  It is an opportunity for parents and students to familiarize themselves with school life!

Welcome to K Stations

See one, do one, teach one. Students in grade 5/6 took their Friday Problem on the road.  Students made knitting spools last week and then taught their buddy class how to knit with them.


Our local Semiahmoo librarian visited Pacific and presented summer ‘happenings’ at the library.  Be sure to check out all the great events at the library this summer!

Students had the opportunity to build and create whatever they wanted this week.  From robot making to sewing, each student was busily in creative mode.

Garbage pick up plus!  Each week, our classes take turns cleaning up our grounds.  Ms. Holmes class took the garbage they collected and then proceeded to sort it.   They discovered that most of the garbage found on the grounds is made up of granola bar and plastic ziplock bags. Take a look at their bar graph below.  We encourage everyone to try to use re-usable containers and to put their wrappers in the garbage, before heading out to the playground.

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 9.54.22 AM

Kindergarten Play

Reviewing scripts for class plays in Grade 2


A great day at Playland for Logan and Sebastian!


Bids can now be placed in the ‘silent auction’ portion of our Art Auction fundraiser.  Come on by the main foyer to place your bids.  You will have one final opportunity to place your bid at the BBQ on June 15th.

Above are photos of each classes art project.  In order from the top:  Div.1 (Mr. Unruh), Div.14 (Mrs. Andrews), Div.6 (Ms. Banbury), Div.11 (Mrs. Beare/McKelvey), Div.4 (Mrs. de Leeuw), Div. 12 (Mrs. Tavares), Div.2 (Mr. Thompson), Div.7 (Mrs. Darby), Div.13 (Ms. Horvat), Div.5 (Ms. Holmes), Div. 8 (Mrs. McIntyre), Div.10 (Ms. Hall), and Div.9 (Ms. Seath).  **Div. 3 (Mr. Reynolds) to be unveiled shortly **

The final three weeks at Pacific Heights will be filled with many events.  We have Games Day to look forward to this Friday, our PAC BBQ next and our end of year assemblies the final week.  Numerous end of year field trip adventures are still to come for some classes including; the Aquarium, Cultus Lake, Splashdown, and Stewart Farm House. Also, don’t miss our band concert.  The entire concert band, made up of students from many of our local schools ,will be performing on June 15th at 11:00am.  Everyone is welcome to attend! Have a great week everyone!


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