Pacific Has Talent!

The last two weeks have seen the halls and school yard filled with students practicing their dancing, singing and other talents in preparation of Pacific Heights Talent Show. The Kindergarten Tea, Butterfly release and the Mini Track Meet were other highlights.  Check out some of these moments below.


Kristin had us all enchanted with her version of “You Are My Sunshine”


Kiana sang her heart out!


Molly and her puppet friend gave us many laughs

Woodworking has become a regular activity in the grade 5/6 classroom.  Students were busy learning about friction and gravity building birds that would tap their way down a post.

The butterflies were ready to be released in grade two this week. I was able to join them outside for this exciting moment.  My favourite moment was seeing a ‘herd’ of students running after a cloud of butterflies (see video).




Ms. Seath with one of the butterflies


I was lucky enough to have tea served to me by Alvin during the Kindergarten Tea



Snail habitats in grade 1


Mini Meet with Kiyan, Sean and Aodhan

Many new pieces have been completed for our art auction.  You can see them on display in our foyer.  The art auction will start as a silent auction on June 1st in the main foyer.  Final bids can be made at the PAC BBQ on June 15th.


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