Spring Concert

The last two weeks have been busy with activity.  Classes have been working hard to prepare for the Spring concert, butterfly larvae have arrived, health and nutrition lessons are underway, movie making and new critters have arrived for the touch tank.  Take a look at some images from the past two weeks.

New critters for the touch tank.

New critters for the touch tank.

Butterfly larvae have arrived in grade two.  In just a few days the larvae have doubled in size.  Soon they will form cocoons.

I was walking down the hall and noticed a bunch of fruit hanging from the ceiling in grade one.  What caught my attention was the expression on the faces of some of the fruit.  This led to some questions.  Turns out the students had been reading a story about some fruit that ended up as fruit salad.  Some of them weren’t too happy about it.


Young Rembrants has been hosting art classes after school.  Their work is displayed each week in the main hallway.  This week, students were exploring line.


Science is way more fun when it involves Fruit Loops!  Students were learning about matter, specifically atoms and molecules.


Exploring warm and  cool colours in art.


Students have been working very hard to prepare for the Spring concert.  Students presented songs, dances, and instrumental pieces as well.  Thank you again Ms. Thomas for such a wonderful presentation of student work.





The Pacific Heights Choir

Once or twice a week, some of our students have an opportunity to be a part of our Kids in the Kitchen program.  I am lucky to enough to be a taste tester.  Last week I had an oatmeal banana cookie created by our students but missed out on the French Toast from this week.  It smelled wonderful though!



Students in 4/5 have been working on creating their own movie trailer based on life in the sea aquarium.  I spent a very enjoyable afternoon viewing their work!

Students in each class have been helping to create a single art masterpiece that will be up for auction at our end of year BBQ.  The money raised, will be put towards our new playground.  Here are some of the completed pieces.

Have a great week everyone!  See you at the talent show on Thursday.

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