April Showers bring May flowers

With the sun shining amid a few showers, students at Pacific Heights have been able to move outside for much of their learning.  It is also the time of year where many classes pursue field studies.  Trips to gymnastics, the fish hatchery and watershed have been a part of the past two weeks.


Releasing the fry

Students in grade 4/5 have been raising salmon in the classroom.  Last week, it was time to release the fry into the Little Campbell river.  Students took a trip to the hatchery.



Students in grade 5/6 created their own paint brushes using sticks and horse hair.


Students in grade 1 were busy cleaning up our school grounds this week.  They did a wonderful job!



Art class moved outside this week.  Check out the nature art!

This coming week will be particularly busy for students.  Talent show auditions are being held, our grade 3 students are off to gymnastics, grade 1 is off to the Surrey Nature Centre, and Kindergartens are heading to the Honeybee Centre.  We also look forward to seeing everyone at our Spring Concert on Thursday at 1:00pm.

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