Spring has Sprung

With the sun shining, much of the work we do moves outdoors.  Bike safety classes, the start of  Ultimate, and outdoor projects are just some of the Spring activities that have been a part of the last two weeks.  Since Spring Break, flower displays are also plentiful around the school.  Here are some shared moments.

Spring Flowers

I visited Grade 3 this week and was in for a treat.  Students have been working on stories that use a photo for inspiration.  Many stories were shared during my visit.  Below is just a small portion of Elizabeth’s story.  What great expression!


Student in grade 3/4, 4/5 and 5/6 had an opportunity to learn bike safety this week.  LifeCycle, a local biking program, came into classes last week to teach bike safety and then followed up this week with students participating in a hands on (or should I say wheels on) session. Students participated in a series of stations all designed to promote safe bike travel.

Student’s in all classes are working on creating class masterpieces.  These works of incredible art will be up for auction at our June BBQ.  Stay tuned for details.

Friday Problem moved outdoors this week.  Students in grade 5/6 worked with woodworking tools to create robots.  Students had to saw, glue, drill and sand to create their project.

Ultimate started this week for our grade 6 and 7 students.  Below are some shots from their first home game.



Over the next two weeks, students will be participating in Multicultural day on April 14th, and track and field practices will be well underway. Be sure to get your tickets to the  PAC playground pub night fundraiser scheduled for April 16th. A reminder that April 18th is a Pro-D day.  Teachers will be spending the day working with the new curriculum.

Enjoy the sun everyone!

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