…and on to Spring Break

It’s hard to believe that Spring Break is upon us.  It seems like just yesterday when I first arrived at Pacific Heights.  Such a busy, interesting and exciting year it has been-so far.

The last two weeks at Pacific have seen Spring activities, Inuit studies, lots of art, special challenges, presentations and a milestone birthday.  Here are some of the moments I captured.


Spring has most certainly sprung when we see the arrival of robins in Kindergarten.


Leprechauns could be found all over grade 1 this week.  I wonder if they found the gold at the end of the rainbow?


While visiting grade one, I was lucky enough to share in an Easter story.


In grade 3 and 4 students have been learning about Inuit culture.


Beautiful pastel drawing in grade 4/5.

After school art classes.


Friday problem challenge.

Coding Challenge.


Many of our students participated in the Reading Link Challenge.  Students worked in teams to correctly answer questions about 6 books they read.  The winning team moves on to an area competition and there is a final “grand” event for the entire lower mainland.


Yoga class was a challenging exercise!

As part of our March assembly, three students shared their skit on “being a good friend.”  Well done! 

We also shared in the celebration of a milestone birthday.  Ms. Holmes was honoured with many verses of happy birthday and tulips delivered by students all day long!  Happy Birthday Ms. Holmes!

Our weeks leading up to Spring Break were busy indeed!  I wish everyone a safe, fun, and restful break!  Now time for me to get back to enjoying my holiday with family.  Enjoy everyone!


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