Building Abounds

This week at Pacific Heights has been about building and creating.  Renovations, outside construction,  and student projects.

Our most exciting news is that we have been successful in our application to the district for a new Learning Commons.  Our library will be going through a transformation into a mobile, flexible learning area for all.  The grant allows us $20,000 in technology, $2000 in new furniture and renovations to the space.  We will be sure to document the changes as they happen!

Tennis lessons continued this week.  Students have been learning many new skills and are beginning to play some games.  Unknown-1Unknown

You may have noticed some heavy equipment out front this week.  Our early primary students are thrilled to have the muddy grass area transformed into a mini gravel field for their daily soccer games.


Some of our grade 5/6 students spent this week building animal cell models.  You cans see their work on display in our main foyer.


Last week some of our students worked on soapstone carvings.  This week some of our students continued the work carving soap.


Students in grade 6/7 found they had lots of leftover wire, and bits and pieces from taking apart different electronic devices.  Rather than disposing them, they instead created these BitBots!


Next week, teachers will be spending time in grade groups, making sense of the redesigned BC curriculum.  Communicating Student Learning documents will go home on Thursday for some classes.  FreshGrade classes will be sending home a highlight.  We remind parents these digital portfolios provide ongoing, continuous assessment so we encourage parents and students check them regularly.

Our new assistant superintendent, Linda Reeve will also be visiting us this week.  We can’t wait to share with her all that makes us unique!




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