Creativity Abounds

One of the most exciting things for me to observe at Pacific Heights is how inspired our students are to create, to problem solve and come up with creative solutions to their problems.  I would like to think that much of this comes from the environment they are immersed in each day at Pacific Heights.

Our students are encouraged on an ongoing basis to problem solve, to create, to think, to make, and discover.  From school wide events like Maker Faire, to in-class Problems of the Week, 3D printer designs, and student initiatives including creative fundraising ideas, our students are encouraged to, “think outside the box.”  I believe strongly that the work being done at Pacific Heights, will serve them well as adults.  Our students are being encouraged to be independent, critical thinkers.  Here are some examples:


Students in Grade 6/7 are building a quad-copter using the 3D printer.



This week’s problem in grade 5/6 was to create a launcher that could go the distance!  Bonus points if you knock over the cup.  Students learned about angles, velocity and distance.


A couple of students in grade 2 created this house in the crux of two trees for their imaginary creatures called “Zelfs.”


Amy in grade 4/5 had a problem.  The desks in her class were replaced with group tables and the students didn’t know where to keep their things. Amy went home and quickly solved the problem by making a group supply holder for their table.  It even spins!


Tommy, in grade 6/7 created an arduino circuit.  His car travels along a black tape line on the floor.


….and he can explain his thinking.

India, in grade 6 noticed that we have had far too much garbage on our school grounds.  India created a PowerPoint presentation that was shown to all our students at our last assembly on how we can create litter-less lunches to help keep our grounds clean.  Thank you India!

To see her entire presentation, click the link below.


And now a challenge for our entire community.  Our playgrounds are in need of replacement.  Our current playgrounds were re-purposed from the old Grandview Heights and Kensington Prairie school sites.  They are now at the end of their life cycle.  We have raised $15,000 but have a ways to go to reach our goal of $135,000.  Our PAC has begun a direct donation drive. Donations in any amount will be gratefully accepted at the office.  Thanks to all for your support.


Next week, is the start of book fair. Don’t forget to dress “groovy” on Wednesday.

Some of our grade 3 students are off to the Maritime Museum on Tuesday.

Friday is Jump Rope for Heart Day.  Don’t forget to collect your pledges for the jump!



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