November Halls

I spent some time this week looking in on classrooms.  Students busy working on ecosystem projects, computer coding, literacy centers, math lessons, using Freshgrade, grounds clean up, french lessons, pyramid building, and  volleyball skills were things I discovered in my travels.  Here is just a snapshot of what I came across.


Students in grade 4/5 have been studying the different tidal zones and the creatures that live there.


Students in grade 5/6 have been preparing for “An Hour of Code.”  This is a global movement reaching tens of millions of students in 180+ countries.  During the week of Dec.7-13 students spend an hour learning the basics of computer coding.  Educational and fun!


Next week, students will be receiving either a report card (2 possible versions) or a reminder/highlight to look at your child’s FreshGrade portfolio.   We will be having an early dismissal on Dec.3 at 1:30.  If you would like an appointment with your child’s teacher, please contact the office at (604)531-2828.



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