Books and Beach

This week was both fun and feel good for our students!  Book Fair started this week and we kicked it off with “Dress As Your Favourite Book Character”.  Our students were incredibly creative with their costumes.  On Thursday, students from many of our classes participated in Shoreline Cleanup.  Students, teachers, parents and grand-parents headed down to White Rock beach and cleaned up the shore.  What a great feeling to have made such a difference!

Dress As Your Favourite Book Character


Lance made a great Max from Where the Wild Things Are!


Lucy as the Paper Bag Princess!


Kaelyn made a beautiful Rainbow Fish costume.


Jessica was Blue Crayon from The Day the Crayons Quit.


Makayla and Zara were Ivy and Bean.


What a creative costume Seamus! Stanley from Holes.


Mitchell was Steve from Minecraft.

Book Fair




Book discussion group with D.J. and Ethan.

Shoreline cleanup



Unknown-1 4.27.34 PM

Getting Directions

Unknown-3 4.27.34 PM

Getting Started

Unknown 4.27.34 PMUnknown-2 4.27.34 PM


Rayhan and Nishan looking to clean up!


Ms. Holmes leading the way with her group!

Amy, Jaspal and Keira helping to bring down more tools.

Amy, Jaspal and Keira helping to bring down more tools.


Our media crew: Jaiden, Arjin and Yireh.

What a wonderful week it was!  Looking forward to next week with a musical performance on Tuesday and Harvest Day on Friday.  I can’t wait to see everyone’s veggie creations and the big hoedown in the gym!  I had better dig out my cowboy boots!

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