September 26, 2017

Upcoming Events

September 28          Terry Fox Run
September 28          PAC freezie sale 2:25 pm-fundraising for Terry Fox
September 28          PAC meeting at 6 pm in the library
September 29          Orange Shirt Day
October 2-6              Scholastic Book Fair in the library
October 6                 Harvest Day
October 18               Motivational Magic @ 1 pm (gym for entire school)
October 20              Pro D day (no school for students)

Student Spotlight

go cart3This summer, Logan Tudge, built a wooden go-cart.  It is something he had never done before.  Logan was able to clearly explain his design and making process.  His classmates had the opportunity to ride the go-cart and learn from Logan.

What inspired you to make this go-cart?
My friend had a cool Hot Wheels go-cart and I decided I wanted to make one

Have you ever built something out of wood before?
No. The only stuff I’ve made has been during Maker Faire but compared to this it was boring stuff!

What was the most challenging part of building this go-cart?
Using the hacksaw on metal. It took me over 5 minutes to saw a thin piece of metal in half.

What was the part you enjoyed the most?
Coming up with the design. I thought of some ideas and then my stepdad helped. I enjoyed using the power tools especially the drill. I learned how to use them safely. Of course I know not to just keep holding the trigger on the drill. It was just really fun building. I got to use the sanding machine on the spacers (the black things in between the wheels).

What did you learn from this process?
It’s not easy to make a go-cart. It took us two days.  Also, I hope I inspire my friends to make one.  I also like STEAM or STEM now when we do it in class.

What do you want to make next?
I am now making a mini go cart and this one will have handles. My stepdad is helping me with it. I’m using this yellow bin to sit in it. The go-cart will look funny but if it works it is a go-cart!

Parking Lot Safety

safety-awareness-clipart-1As with all schools, our parking lot is very congested during drop off and pick up times, for this reason we all need to work together so students are SAFE.  Here are some simple guidelines to follow:

  • the roundabout is for single lane traffic only (there is no parking or idling in the roundabout)
  • Please stop and drop off your child on the outside of the roundabout, so your child gets out of the car safely onto the sidewalk (not onto the roundabout road where cars are circling)
  • Please park in the visitor parking if you have to (not in the roundabout or in the vehicle lane coming into the school)
  • Pedestrians have the right of way
  • If you find the roundabout area stressful, please park your car down the street and walk your child to the school
  • drive slowly

Terry Fox Run

terry foxWe will be having our Terry Fox Run on Thursday, Sept. 28th.  After lunch we will have a short assembly where students will view a Terry Fox video and then Mr. Henderson’s class will lead us in a fun warm up.  After the warm up, students will head outside for the run.  Our primary students (grades k-3) will be running around the grass field.  Intermediate students will be running around the school.  We will have supervisors on the route to direct and encourage students on the run.

Our school goal is to raise a minimum of $700 for the Terry Fox Foundation.  Students are asked to donate $2 or what they can for cancer research.  Our PAC will be selling Freezies after school on this day.  Freezies will be sold for $1 and all proceeds go to the Terry Fox Foundation.

Orange Shirt Day

orange_shirt_day2This week on Friday, Sept. 29th all of our students are encouraged to wear an orange shirt.  This day is an opportunity for First Nations, local governments, schools and communities to come together in the spirit of reconciliation and hope for generations of children to come.

Orange Shirt Day is a legacy of the St. Joseph Mission residential school commemoration event held in Williams Lake, BC in the spring of 2013.  It grew out of Phyllis’ story of having her shiny new orange shirt taken away on her first day of school at the Mission.  It has become an opportunity to keep the discussion on all aspects of residential schools happening annually.  The date was chosen because it is the time of year in which children were taken from their homes to residential schools.

Here is a website that has some books you may want to read with your children around the Orange Shirt Day themes.

Harvest Day

veggie carvingHarvest Day is being celebrated on Friday, October 6th.  This is a day full of veggie carvings, dancing, and fun.  Students from K-7 are encouraged to be creative and create veggie carvings at home.  Students bring these creations to school on Friday, October 6th for display in the school hallways.  Please remember to send your child with an attached card to the carving that contains the following information:
Name of carving
Student Name
Student Division

Families are invited to celebration Harvest Day in the gym at 1 pm with the rest of our students. From 1-2 pm classes will be performing dances. Please wear your dancing shoes as the grand finale involves the “Chicken Dance”.

September 17, 2017

Upcoming Eventsput-this-on-your-calendar

September 19          Meet the Teacher 6-7 pm
September 22          Individual Photo Day
September 25         Non Instructional Day
September 28         Terry Fox Run (afternoon)
September 28         PAC meeting at 6 pm in Library
September 29         Orange Shirt Day
September 29         PAC Hot Dog Lunch
October 2-6             Scholastic Book Fair
October 3                Shoreline Clean up

Student Learning Spotlight

aodhan 1This past June, Aodhan Braun won an entrepreneur award for creating a device that simulates your and from a farther distance.  Here are a couple of questions, Aodhan answered for the newsletter.

How does your Handy Hand work?
The Handy Hand work with fishing line connected to rings which go on your fingers. The  fishing line carefully goes through beads glued to the cardboard hand, so when you pull the fishing line it also pulls the extended finger making it possible to act just like your hand but from a further distance.

What is it made of?
The handy Hand’s base is made out of cardboard which was cut into a hand. The reason for that is so when you pull on it , it bends not just the fingers but the actual hand. In order to keep your hand in place it has a Velcro strap. The Handy Hand also has elastic on the back of each finger which I will explain why later. To make sure you have a secure grip each finger and palm is cover in antiskid to try and simulate the type of grip you have on your hand.

What inspired you to make the Handy Hand?
It’s actually a pretty funny story what gave me this idea. One day I was in my class doing normal work and my eye was caught on a classmate trying to reach for his library book. Since the school Entrepreneur Fair was coming up I knew I had to take action, so I went home and though about it for a while then it hit me and that’s how the Handy Hand was born.

Winning the award – what was that like?
The founder of the program, Bill Roche, who started the program more than 20 years agoaodhan3 came to Pacific Heights to look at our inventions.  He choose me to go to a Dragons Den style type of event hosted at Simon Fraser University (SFU).  I had to prepare a speech, business plan, poster, display, and make sure The Handy Hand was top notch  for the judges.  You check my IG page @aodhan_charger_boi for more pictures.  I was happy and surprised to win the award for Entrepreneur of the Year and Most Creative.

What were some obstacles you had to overcome?
Winning was awesome but getting there wasn’t easy at all.  I had to figure out how much to sell each Handy Hand for.  I originally planned to be selling each hand for $10 and only making twelve of them but I was limited to how much kids were willing to pay for the Handy Hand from my market research.  The amount of money kids were willing to buy the hand for was $5.  So I decided to make a better quality hand and sell it for $7.  My dad helped me make all sixteen of my Handy Hand’s…it was a big job!  The second obstacle was that the fingers made out of cardboard would bend over time.  I had to find a way around it and there was just a few days before the Entrepreneur Fair.  I then got the idea to put elastic behind each finger so the cardboard finger would go back into place instead of staying bent.  It was a pain to go and put elastic on each finger of all 16 Handy Hand’s!

What did you enjoy the most?
I honestly just enjoyed socialising to judges and customers.  I also really enjoyed the opportunity to learn about business.  It was fun meeting other students from other schools and joining together at the summer camp held at SFU.

Have you ever invented something before?
I have always like to make cool toys and mechanics when I was at home but I did also make a talking robot a few years ago using a speaker.  But this is my most prized possession.

What do you want to make next?
I’m not exactly sure what I would like to make next but I would like to invent something that makes people’s lives easier. I might make something with magnets.

Terry Fox Run

terry foxNext week, September 28th is our Terry Fox Run.  Please click here for a link to a short YouTube video on Terry Fox and his journey to raise money to cure cancer.  We are asking students bring a $2 donation that will go to the Terry Fox Foundation.

Our Terry Fox Run will take place after lunch.  We will have a short assembly where we show a video about Terry Fox and then we do a short warm up.  Intermediate students have a longer route around the school.  Our primary students run around the field.

Orange Shirt Day-Every Child Matters

orange_shirt_day2Orange Shirt day is on Friday Sept. 29th. Orange shirt day grew out of Phyllis’ story of having her shiny new orange shirt, bought by her grandmother, being taken away on her first day of school at St. Joseph Mission residential school.  This day has also become an opportunity to keep the discussion on all aspects of residential schools happening annually.

Residential Schools had a profound effect on the culture and language of aboriginal people across Canada, and forever changed the lives of thousands of aboriginal children.  As the terrible legacy of these schools has become public, the Canadian Government offered an apology to aboriginal people for the forced cultural assimilation embodied in the residential school system.

Orange Shirt Day is an opportunity for First Nations, local governments, schools and communities to come together in the spirit of reconciliation and hope for generations of children to come.

Scholastic Book Fair

Our first Scholastic Book Fair for this school year will be in the week of October 2nd wild west2017.  The theme this year is Our Scholastic Book Fair will be the Wild Wild West!  The book fair will be in the library and will be open for business during lunch hour and after school.

A reminder that students are not allowed to buy for each other unless they are buying for their siblings.

Co-Ed Soccer Team

A big thank you to Mr. Thompson who is coaching our co-ed soccer team.  Practises are held Mondays after school.  The game schedule is yet to be determined.


Welcome Back!

Principal's message

I hope you have had an enjoyable summer full of quality family time and fun adventures.  The staff at Pacific Heights Elementary look forward to another school year with your children.  We will have another fun year of learning full of inquiry, STEM challenges, and play.

The first week of school is a busy week as we are getting to know our students.  The students will be working in their grade groups, providing them the opportunity to work with different teachers and peers. These interactions will help teachers determine class placements and go over class/school routines.  We are thoughtful and deliberate as we review the educational and social emotional needs of each child as we make our class lists.  The most suitable placement your child based on the following criteria:

  • Student intellectual, social and emotional development
  • Learning styles and strengths of students
  • Degree of independence
  • Social compatibility
  • Gender balance
  • Maintaining appropriate teacher-student ratios

I am excited for this school year.  Please remember my door is open to our parents and community members. Working together with open and honest communication is required to meet the needs of our learners and to build a positive school environment. I look forward to the opportunity to hear from you. Please feel welcome to come and say hello and introduce yourselves.

For more information on the school calendar, fees, and staff list…please visit our school website as it is all located there.

I also ask you to take a moment and follow us on the social media sites below, we will be sharing our learning and happenings around the school:

Twitter: @PacHeights36                                                                                                             Instagram: @PacificHeights_Learns
School website

I wish all our students and families a great 2017/18 school year.


Ms. Chohan

Bell Schedulebell schedule.png

8:30 am          Welcome Bell
8:35 am          Classes in Session

10:15 am        Recess
10:30 am       Classes in session

11:40 am        Lunch (students outside)
12:10 pm        Lunch (eating inside)
12:25 pm        Classes in Session

2:25 pm          Dismissal Bell

School Supplies

school_supply_listsSchool supply lists are posted on our website.  Student will need limited supplies for the first week of school.  Teachers will inform students of what they need to bring.  For this who have ordered supplies through EduPac, they will be distributed to students once classes are set.

School Agendas

We are happy to be sending an agenda home with your child.  The agenda contains important information for parents and students.  Please send $2.00 for each agenda with your child in the week of September 11, 2017.

School Visitors

All visitors to the school must report and sign in at the office to receive a visitor’s badge.  This helps to ensure student safety.  If you are bringing your child’s lunch, please label it clearly with your child’s name and leave it by the office.  Please do not bring lunches directly to classrooms as it disturbs student learning.

Upcoming Events


September 19          Meet the Teacher
September 22          Individual Photo Day
September 25          Non-Instructional Day (classes not in session)
September 28          Terry Fox Run
September 29          Orange Shirt Day



June 18, 2017

Year End Assemblies stars

Wed. June 21, 2017:  Grade 7 Band Concert

Parents are encouraged to attend.

Tues. June 27, 2017: Grade 7 Assembly and Celebration

This is a big day for our Grade 7 students and they like to celebrate with their friends and  family.  During the assembly, there is a designated seating area for parents of our grade 7 students.  This week, Grade 7’s will be bringing home two tickets for parents to attend.  If you need more than two tickets, please talk to your child’s classroom teacher.  We ask that our Grade 7 students dress up for this event.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher.

10:30 am: All Classes (K-7) and parents file into the gym to take their seats.

10:45 am: Grade 7 Celebration Ceremony begins.

11:40 am: Ceremony ends.  Parents/Family take pictures with Grade 7’s in the Multipurpose Room.  Grade 7’s change into comfortable clothing for the afternoon “Minute to Win It” games.

12:45 pm: Grade 7 students continue with the celebration in the gym.  There will be lunch and snacks for students, music, photo walls, and “Minute to Win It” game stations.

4:00 pm: Celebration ends – students and parents go home.

Wed. June 28, 2017: Year End Assembly

At this assembly we celebrate the fun we had this year with an iMovie documenting all the fun learning and events.  The assembly will start at 10:45 am.


June 6, 2017

Happy Retirement!

IMG_0045.jpgAs many of you may have already heard, Mrs. de Leeuw is retiring at the end of June. In the time I have known Ms. deLeeuw, I know she put in a lot of time and energy, ensuring her students be successful.  Even at the end of the day, Mrs. de Leeuw would be meeting with students to give them extra help or to help students problem solve a social issue.  Mrs. de Leeuw made teaching fun and meaningful through the various units she taught about the environment and stressing the importance of recycling.  She has been an amazing teacher, colleague and friend as she was always there to lend colleagues a helping hand, always there to brainstorm teaching ideas, and always there for her students.  Ms. deLeeuw has been my go-to person when I had questions or needed ideas.  When I think of Ms. deLeeuw, I’m reminded of a quote by Carol Ann Tomlinson: “Excellence in education is when we do everything that we can to make sure they become everything that they can.”  Mrs. de Leeuw, thank you for lasting impact you have made on the students you taught.  You will be missed.  Happy retirement!

Below is Mrs. de Leeuw’s letter to our community:

Dear Pacific Heights Community,

I am writing this note to say farewell, as I am retiring from teaching full time, grade 4 and/or 5, at Pacific Heights Elementary, in the Surrey School District of British Columbia! Friday, June 30th will be my last day!

My decision has not been easy, as I do not feel “finished” with teaching and education, generally. The students have made every day of work energizing, interesting and positively challenging; no day is the same when helping children learn, as there are so many aspects to harness spontaneously, fine tune and continuously learn more about. My career has been tremendously stimulating and rewarding! I have loved the journey so far, and I look forward to using my teaching interests and skills in voluntary capacities.

Looking ahead, I will have more time with my family, particularly my grandchildren and aging parents. I feel privileged to be able to do this with my husband, who has also recently retired. Naturally, we have many adventures on our bucket list to try, such as exploring the arctic, sailing in the Caribbean, and skiing the spine of the Rocky Mountains to name a few.

I am truly grateful for the strong support and great collaboration within our school community. My colleagues and principals have especially inspired my teaching to be richer in content, experimental with best practices, as well as purposeful and productive for students. I am so appreciative of the PHE parent community, especially the PAC committees, who continuously provided the extra resources and helped make students’ learning more vibrant, hands-on, and experiential. I extend many thanks to the students and their parents, with whom I have worked closely with during my 11 years at PHE, for their dedication and the steady work that goes with it. Your willingness to be a team player in our journey together has meant a great deal to me!

Pacific Heights, thank you for all the wonderful opportunities I have had to develop my teaching career here! I will miss you all and this “beehive” of diverse learning very much!


Mrs. (Mignon) de Leeuw

Calendar and Bell Schedule for 2017/18

bellschedulePlease click here to go to access the school website and view the school calendar.

Bell Schedule:

8:30 am     Welcome Bell
8:35 am     Classes in session

10:15 am Recess
10:30 am Classes in session

11:40 am Lunch hour (students outside)
12:10 pm Lunch (eating inside)
12:25 pm Classes in session

2:25 pm Dismissal Bell

School Supplies

If you would like to order your child’s school supplies from EduPac, please order on-line. On-line orders are due by the end of June 2017.  The supply lists for each grade are on our school website.

June Events

June 12-14    Grade 7 Camp
June 15          PAC election meeting 6:30 pm in MPR
June 16          Games Day
June 22          PAC BBQ
June 27          Grade 7 Assembly 10:45 am
June 27          Grade 7 Celebration 1 – 4 pm
June 28           Year End Assembly 10:45 am
June 29           Last day of school.  Reports go home. Early dismissal at 1:30 pm

Games Day Itinerary

8:30 am     Bell and attendance
8:45 am     House Team Cheers in the gym
9:00 am    Bike Parade in the round-a-bout

**bike paradeIf you would like your child to participate in the Bike Parade, please have your child decorate his/her bike in their house colours.  Bike’s will be parked in the teacher parking lot.  Once the parade ends, bikes are kept in the gym or in the parking lot.

9:20 am        Classes rotate through stations
10:15 am      Recess
10:30 am      Stations resume
11:42 am       Lunch
12:45 pm      Grade 7 Egg Toss on intermediate basketball court
1:15 pm        Running Races (pre-schoolers to grade 7)
1:45 pm        Tug O’ War
2:30 pm        Dismissal


thank you

You are invited to our annual

Parent Appreciation Tea

at Pacific Heights Elementary

WHEN:     Thursday, May 25th 2017

TIME:   1:45 pm – 2:30 pm

WHERE: Pacific Heights Gymnasium

WHY:   So we can say, “Thank You” for everything you do to support you children and our school.

May 10, 2017

Dates to Remember:dont-forget

May 10     Ready, Set, Learn in the gym at 1:00 pm
May 10    PAC meeting at 6:30 pm
May 12     Wheat in the Barley Performance at 10:30 am
May 18     Mini Meet (track&field) in South Surrey at 1:30 pm
May 22     Victoria Day (classes not in session)
May 23    School Assembly 10:45 am
May 25      Parent Appreciation Tea 1:45 pm in the gym
May 29      Pro D (classes not in session for students)
May 30     Entrepreneur Faire (parents welcome to purchase after lunch)
May 31     Final Track Meet at Bear Creek Park (all day)
June 1       Welcome to Kindergarten 8:45 – 10 am in the gym
June 12-14   Grade 6/7 Camp
June 16     Games Day
June 22     PAC BBQ
June 27    Grade 7 Assembly 10:45 am
Grade 7   Celebration 1-4 pm
June 29    Last Day of School
Early dismissal at 1:30 pm


Students on a Safety Mission in Division 9

Our grade 2’s and 3’s in division 9 saw the issues we are having in our school student drop off and pick up zone.  They wanted to do something about it!  The idea came from students who wanted to make signs and stand outside in the morning during student drop off time.  These students demonstrated true commitment and care as they stood outside in the rain with their signs.  This

Multicultural Day

Multicultural Day was a day full of fun learning. Throughout the day students either participated in sport or art from around the world.  Some classes did reader’s theatre from different countries.  We had a dance performance by Grupo America.  This group amazed our students and staff with a variety of dances from South America.

Coding at Pacific Heights

Students have been busy learning how to code.  We had Mr. Weibe from Morgan Elementary came in to teach our intermediate classes how to code using Scratch, click here to learn more about scratch programming language.  Scratch provides students the opportunity to think creatively, reason systematically, and much more.

A big thank you to Best Buy in South Surrey for coming in for a day to teach our intermediate students how to use the Sphero.  Students had fun trying to code the Sphero to do what they wanted it to.  Take a look at the video below.  We will continue learning coding with the Sphere.


Ultimate Frisbee

ultimateOur Grade 6/7 team had a great season of Ultimate Frisbee.  Thank you to Mr. Thompson and Mr. Unruh for coaching.  The students exhibited excellent sportsmanship during the Ultimate Play Day, May 4th (May the Fourth Be With You).  The team spirit was evident as students prepared for the Playday making their team shirts.  Shirts went with the Stars Wars them (May 4th- May the Fourth Be With You).

With so many students and parents interested in Ultimate Frisbee there is a mini UltiPros Academy this June for athletes in Grades 5 to 7.  It’s purpose is to provide students opportunity to play and develop their skills.  Please click here to register your child.

Kids in the Kitchen and Lego Club

We have students who work with Ms. Wallington and Ms. Fink.  These students come into the library to build with Lego a and at the same time engage in conversations around  how to communicate our ideas effectively in a group.  Our Kids in the Kitchen groups enjoy baking and discussing different themes around social responsibility.


Help Name Our Schools

You can participate in local history and suggest a name for Surrey’s newest schools!  The Surrey Board of Education invites public submissions to help name three new schools to be built at:

  • 169 Street & 25 Avenue – Grandview Heights area secondary (Site 177)
  • 194 Street & 76 Avenue – Clayton North area elementary (Site 184)
  • 187 Street & 74 Avenue – Clayton Village NW area elementary (Site 218)

According to school board policy, school names should reflect the history or geography of the neighbourhood or community.  Special consideration is given to names that have significant meaning to students and members of the community.

E-mail suggestions and if desired, a short explanation, by June 5, 2017 to

Please be sure to indicate the school site number beside each name suggestion.

(As many different people often suggest the same name, or close variations of the same name, acknowledgement is not given to those who suggest a school name that is later chosen by the board).

April 17, 2017

Dates to Remember:dont-forget

April 19       Class and School Panorama pictures
April 20       Drug Awareness Parent Session 6:30pm
April 27       Spring Concert (parent audience 12:45 pm)
April 28       Multicultural Day
May 4          Mini-meet(track&field)in South Surrey 1:30pm
May 4          Ultimate Frisbee Play Day
May 5          Professional Day (classes not in session)
May 8          Student Vote
May 10        Ready, Set, Learn at 1 pm
May 18       Mini-meet (track&field) in South Surrey at 1:30 pm
May 22       Victoria Day (holiday)
May 25       Parent Appreciation Tea
May 29       Professional Day (classes not in session)
May 30       PowerPlay (Grade 6/7) in the gym all afternoon

Student Drop Off and Pick Up


We have been experiencing more rain than usual, thus more of our parents are driving children to school.  Student safety is very important during drop off and pick up time.  A couple of safety reminders:

  • the front of the school (round-a-bout) is not to be used for parking vehicles.
  • do not drop off or pick up your child in the inner circle of the roundabout.  This compromises you child’s safety because it requires your child to walk across the roundabout where vehicles are backing up, and trying to slide into parking spots.
  • please do not get out of your car if you are dropping off or picking up.  If you want to walk your child to his/her classroom door, please park your car away from the drop off zone.
  • Drop off is also available on 26th Avenue.

Engaged and Learning

As you may be aware, our students have been learning how to code using fun games such as: MakeyMakey, Ozobot, Sphero, and the Osmo.  Below are some images of our intermediate students playing and coding.

Makers Continue to Make:

Our students continue to have numerous opportunities to make and invent.  Our students bake with our Kids in the Kitchen program, or use their imaginations to build during Lego Club, and our teachers continue to provide supplies and ideas for students to invent/make.




It is Track & Field season, our athletes have been coming out to practises preparing for our mini meets and final track meet.  There are days (too many for our liking) when it has been raining all morning, this makes our school field and our long jump pit wet and slippery.  Wet and slippery conditions are unsafe for students to run and for this reason practises have been cancelled.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Ms. Banbury at the school.
As you prepare your child for the mini meets, please remember to:

    • provide a water bottle
    • healthy snack
    • sunblock
    • a baseball cap

We also have an Ultimate Frisbee team for our Grade 6 and 7 students that Mr. Unruh and Mr. Thompson are coaching.

Below are pictures and video of our girls vs. boys basketball game to conclude the fun basketball season our students had.

Student Leadership

Our student leaders raised over $700 from our We Bake for Change cupcake sales.  We would like to extend a big thank you to our school community for all the support.  A big thank you to the parents who came in and helped our leadership students bake.

Our Retro Day was very eye catching.  We had fun guessing which decade our students and staff had dressed in.  Take a look at the images:

Upcoming Events

Multicultural Daymulticultural-day

Our annual Multicultural Day will be on April 28th.  All staff and students are encouraged to wear clothing from their culture on this day.  Our  students will create artwork from around the world in their classrooms.  We will have a performance by Grupo America at 10:45 am, parents are more than welcome to attend.

Young Entrepreneurs

Our grade 6 and 7 students are participating in the PowerPlay program.  This program allows for students to use real-world learning experiences to help students develop entrepreneurial thinking, practical money management skills, and the opportunity to make a difference.  Our students will be planning and then launching their products to sell at the Young Entrepreneur Fair on May 30th in our school gym.


February 27, 2017

Upcoming Events

February 28          Kindness Counts Assembly at 1 pm
March 6-10           Communicating Student Learning reports go home
March 6-10           Talent Show auditions
March 8              PAC Movie Night
March 8                 Theme Day: Retro Day
March 9              Reading Link Challenge at 1 pm in the gym
March 9              We Bake for Change (cupcake sale)
March 13-24         Spring Break
March 30             Talent Show (parent audience at 12:45 pm)
April 6              Early Dismissal for Student Led Conferences at 1:30 pm
April 14             Good Friday (holiday)
April 17             Easter Monday (holiday)
April 19             Class and School Panorama pictures
April 27             Spring Concert

Coding at Pacific Heights?

As you all know, the world is changing at a fast pace with all the technology we have at our fingertips.  We live in a world that is dominated by software with our phones, television, mapping apps, shopping online, and even some of our homes are controlled by software (programmed heating and lights) and so much more! Because software is such a big part of our lives, it is now also a language of our world.  We want our children to know the language of computers.  This does not mean that all future jobs will involve programming but it does mean that our children need to have computational thinking…a structured way to solve problems.  Computational thinking goes beyond coding, but allows for problem solving skills in the fields of medicine, physics, fluid mechanics, and music. Here is an article from Mother Jones explains computational thinking.

So where do we start?  We start with having our students create a game or animation that is really fun. You can introduce your children to coding through Hour of Code.  These are one-hour tutorials that teach the basics of coding and computer science.

At Pacific Heights, we are starting with games such as the Osmo Wonder, Dash, Sphero 2.0, and the Ozobot.  Take a look at the video below.  Students from Division 2 used their coding skills with the the Dash.

Doggy DooDoo Posters by Division 9

Students in Ms. McIntyre’s have been very concerned with the mess dog owner’s are leaving behind on our school grounds.  Our school is a place where children play soccer, run, and play other games.  When dog owners do not clean up after their pets on our school grounds, the fields become too messy for kids to play.  Take a look at the posters students made to get their message out.  We are so proud of division 9 and their “take action” approach to this problem.

Field Trip to Grouse Mountain

All of our grade 3, 4, and 5 students went on a field trip to Grouse Mountain to learn about First Nation’s culture.  Students learned from an Elder in the feast house.  Students had the opportunity to make totem animals out of felt.  Our classes had the joy of going on an snowshoeing expedition as an eco walk.  An eco walk is where you look at the ecology of the area.  Each one of our students learned valuable information on this field trip.

Ms. Chohan asked students: What did you learn?
We learned to respect everyone and if someone is mean to you, you can ignore them or walk away” Cole B.
“I learned about making a red cedar basket and how it can hold water and other liquids.  I learned that from a story they told” Georgia S.
“I learned about the First Nations people and how the clan animals mean something.  I remember wolf means love.” Inderveer S.
We learned about First Nations culture.  I understood that they don’t worship animals but respect them.  They have dances and songs about the animals.  If you listen to the beat you can figure out which animal it is about” Adam W.

Student Leadership

Pink Shirt Day
We had a keen group of leadership students who wanted to spread some kindness this month.  This group took pictures, made props, painted backdrops, and shared words of kindness.  Please take a look below at the great photography skills our leadership students exhibited.

Retro Day
On Wednesday, March 8th we are encouraging all students to dress in retro gear.  Allow your children to dig through your closet and find your silk shirts with big shoulder pads, bell bottoms, hypercolour t-shirts, scrunchies, and so much more from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. Help your child dress retro on this fun day.

We Bake for Change

cupcake March 9th our Me to We team will be baking cupcakes to sell to students.  All sale proceeds will go to Ecuador to support their health care.  Cupcakes will be sold for $2.00.
Money will be collected on March 8th and cupcakes will be brought to each classroom on the day of March 9th.

Multicultural Day

multicultural-dayOur school multicultural day has been postponed due to performance scheduling.  We will have a multicultural day as soon as we reschedule a school performance.  The new date will be posted on the school website.


A big congratulations to our boys and girls teams.  Our players demonstrated teamwork and healthy competition during our play days.  The teams had a great season with our boys and girls team finishing in third place.  Well done!basketball      .

We would like to thank our coaches for their time and enthusiasm as they worked with our students to develop basketball skills.  Our coaches were:
Mr. Henderson
Mr. Thompson
Ms. Chong (parent volunteer)
Mr. George (parent volunteer)

Fishy Fridays

Thank you to all of you who bought our Fishy Friday candy bags.  We raised     for our Seaquarium.  This will allow for our school to purchase new critters and food for the aquarium along with making any repairs.

A big thank you to the parents and students who volunteered their time to advertise and sell the goody bags after school.

Talent Show

talent-showNext week week we will begin our Talent Show auditions.  Auditions will be held during the lunch hour in the multipurpose room.  Please encourage your child to participate.  In the past we have had comedy acts, dance, singing, piano, and guitar.  We encourage all student to try out and have fun.  Please keep in mind that acts are not be longer than 4 minutes. If your child is singing then he/she must bring his/her own music.

Audition Schedule:
Monday: kindergarten and grade 1
Tuesday: grade 2 and 3
Wednesday: grade 4 and 5
Thursday: grade 6 and 7
Friday: missed auditions


February 12, 2018

Our Me to WE team is promoting acts of kindness this month.  We are using the hashtags #KINDNESSCOUNTS and #BEKIND as we take pictures of students demonstrating kindness.  The pictures will be on our school IG account and twitter account. This theme ties in perfectly with Pink Shirt Day (anti-bullying day) on February 22, 2017.

We have decided to raise awareness of Pink Shirt Day for two days instead of one.  We are encouraging students to wear pink shirts on February 21 and 22.  As a fundraiser the Me to We team is selling pink t-shirts, with the hashtag #BEKIND printed across the front, to wear on February 21 and 22.  All proceeds from shirt sales will go towards the country and pillar the Me to We team has decided to support: Ecuador and health care.  Cost of t-shirt is $12be-kind-shirt

Orders are to be handed to classroom teachers by Tuesday, February 14h.  Order forms were sent home over a week ago.

How did Pink Shirt Day Begin?

Click here to learn more about how Pink Shirt Day began